Entrepreneurs: How can we support you during this crisis?


Entrepreneurs worldwide are struggling due to Covid-19’s impact on our economies and societies.

In order to urgently advocate for the most effective policy measures, we need to hear from you and others: This is a survey designed by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs.

We are not just asking for your data, we will share all of the data we collect back with you in an open license format, once personal identifying information has been removed, so that we can collectively access our data to understand where we stand and  co-create a collective solution.

The data will also be presented and made available in the form of a report during the pan-African Digital Assembly  (#pADA) on May 13-15. This event will convene entrepreneurs, artists and ordinary people across Africa, together with the most important thinkers of our generation. Please complete the survey before May 8, you will receive a personal invitation to participate to the Entrepreneur Forum that will kick-off the #pADA (indicate your interest in the first question).

Please take the survey at digitalassembly.africa It takes about 5 minutes!

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you at the #pADA!