Enterprise Data Steward, Vendor


Enterprise Data Steward, Vendor

Job Description

PepsiCo is establishing a Data Governance program that will be the custodian of the processes, policies, rules and standards by which the Company will define its most critical data.

Enabling this program will:

  • Define ownership and accountability of our critical data assets to ensure they are effectively managed and maintain integrity throughout

PepsiCo’s systems:

  • Leverage data as a strategic enterprise asset enabling data-based decision analytics
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of daily business operations

Position Overview:

The Enterprise Data Governance Data Steward role is responsible for ensuring the business and IT adhere to and maintain alignment to the Enterprise Data Governance’s processes, rules and standards. This role requires deep knowledge in the Customer domain, the respective elements and the associated scenarios.

This will be achieved through the EDG Data Steward operating as the single point of contact for those creating and consuming data within their respected data domain(s). Additionally, they will be interacting directly with key domain and project stakeholders, the EDG Lead, Governance Council, other data stewards across the organization and relevant SMEs throughout the organization as necessary. This position reports to the EDG Lead and collaborates/advises with PepsiCo’s Governance Council, of which they are accountable for the success of PepsiCo’s EDG program.

Primary Accountabilities:

  • Within the Customer domain, responsible in the promotion of data accuracy and adherence to PepsiCo defined data management and governance practices, as well as driving acceptance of PepsiCo’s enterprise data standards and policies across the various business segments and areas that utilize (formally and informally) enterprise data and information.
  • Define, maintain and advise relevant stakeholders as appropriate on data governance-related matters.
  • Provide recommendations and supporting documentation for new or proposed data standards, business rules and policy (in conjunction with the Governance Council as appropriate).
  • Coordinate across the organization (with fellow Enterprise Data Stewards and the EDG leader; strategic initiatives, Digital Use Cases and the federated data network) in order to maintain consistency of PepsiCo’s critical enterprise, digital, operational and analytical data.
  • Accountable for ensuring that data-centric activities are aligned with the EDG program and leverage applicable data standards, governance processes, and overall best practices.

Enterprise Data Governance Operations and Advisory:

  • Ensures alignment of the data governance processes and standards with applicable enterprise, business segment, and local data support models.
  • Maintains the single set of enterprise-level data standards & repository of key elements pertaining to their in-scope data domain (e.g Finance) and promoting their use throughout the PepsiCo organization.
  • Owns one or multiple domain perspectives in defining and continually evolving the roadmap for enterprise data governance based upon strategic business objectives, existing capabilities/programs, cultural considerations and a general understanding of emerging technologies and governance models/techniques.
  • Monitors (and sometimes establishes) key data management and governance metrics to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the critical data within their domain(s).
  • Advise on various projects and initiatives to ensure that any data related changes and dependencies are identified, communicated and managed to ensure adherence with the Enterprise Data Governance established standards.

Data Domain Coordination and Collaboration:

  • Responsible for helping identify the need for enterprise-level (and some below enterprise-level) data standards based on strategic business objectives and the evolution of enterprise-level capabilities and analytical requirements.
  • Collaborates across the organization to ensure consistent and effective execution of data governance and management principles across PepsiCo’s enterprise and analytical systems and data domains.
  • Accountable for driving organizational acceptance of EDG established data standards, policies, and definitions and process standards for critical/related enterprise data.
  • Promotes and champions PepsiCo’s Enterprise Data Governance Capability and data management program across the organization.

External Position Title

Enterprise Data Steward, Vendor

Qualifications / Requirements

  • 7+ years of experience working in Data Management and Governance experience within a global CPG (Consumer Packaged Good) company; Strong data management background who understands data, how to ingest data, proper data use/consumption, data quality, and stewardship
  • 5+ years of experience working in the Finance domain, associated elements/processes, involved systems and interdependent data
  • 5+ years of experience working in data management within SAP and MDG
  • Ability to partner with the business and technical subject matter experts to ensure standardization of operational information and execution of enterprise-wide data governance policies and procedures are defined and implemented
  • Experience working across the PepsiCo organization, ideally with multi-country or global implementation experience involving data


  • Strong knowledge and understanding of master data elements and processes per the necessary in-scope data domain (i.e. Finance)
  • Strong Communication Skills/Able to Persuade/Influence Others at all Organization Levels and the ability to foster lasting partnerships
  • Ability to translate business requirements into critical data dependencies and requirements Ability to think beyond their current state (processes, roles and tools) and work towards an unconstrained, optimized design
  • An ability to solicit followership from the functional teams to think beyond the way the things work today
  • Able to align various stakeholders to a common set of standards and the ability to sell the benefits of the EDG program
  • Foster lasting relationships across varying organizational levels and business segments with the maturity to interface with all levels of management
  • Self-starter who welcomes responsibility, along with the ability to thrive in an evolving organization and an ability to bring structure to unstructured situations
  • Ability to arbitrate on difficult decisions and drive consensus through a diplomatic approach
  • Matrix management skills and business acumen
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills

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  • Eligible for Standard Relocation

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