ENI AWARD 2022 Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize

2014/2015 Eni Scholarship for africans

Application Deadline: 26th November 2021

Eni invests in people and their empowerment, recognizing diversity as a key value for human development. From 2008 Eni has been granting the Eni Award, aimed to promote and award scientific research and technological innovation in the fields of energy and the environment. Special care will be devoted to proposals promoting breakthrough technologies, increased access to energy in developing countries and digital tools such as IoT, Machine learning, Big data management etc., able to improve and accelerate technology exploitation.

The Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize constitutes one of the six sections of the Eni Award, composed by the Energy Frontiers, Advanced Environmental Solutions, Energy Transition and the Young Researcher of the Year Prizes, together with the Recognition at Innovation Eni.

The purpose of the Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize is to help new generations of African researchers to emerge, offering them the opportunity to attend a PhD course in cooperation with prestigious Italian universities and research institutes and supporting their research and innovation on the various scientific topics promoted by Eni Award.

Object of the Prizes

  • Candidates must own a Master’s degree or any equivalent – according to the European system – academic qualification, granting access to a PhD course in an Italian university.
  • The theses must have been defended at an African University during the same year of the annual Official Announcement, or in the precedent year.
  • The Prize is awarded to students born in or after the year 1991

The Prizes

  • Each of the four winners will be awarded with a customized plaque and a scholarship for the attendance of a 3 years PhD course to be conducted in Italy, in an Italian university or research institute with a solid reputation on the above-mentioned topics. Where authorized within the PhD course framework, it will be possible to carry out a research period outside Italy.
  • It will be also allowed to propose a non-Italian thesis advisor, collaborating with the Italian university or research institute hosting the student.

Application procedures and deadlines

  • Applications for the Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa must be presented and guaranteed by Professors, Directors of Department, Faculty Deans and Chancellors of universities and polytechnic universities, or by researchers of research institutes operating in the specific – or similar – fields for which the Prize is awarded.
  • Self-candidatures will not be considered.

The deadline for the presentation of the candidatures to the Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa falls on November 26, 2021 before and no later than 5 p.m. CET – Central European Time. Please note that, after 5 p.m. CET of November 12, 2021, the Scientific Secretariat won’t create new accounts, in order to provide the most suitable assistance to the already registered Candidatures, within the deadline.

Two weeks after the November 26 deadline, the Scientific Secretariat will provide the Candidates with formal confirmation, by email, for the acceptance of their Candidature.

For More Information:

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