Empowering Poets and Performers: Inside The Poetry and Performance Masterclass Series

Poetry and performance masterclass

Part 1:

1. As the host of “The Poetry and Performance Masterclass,” what motivated you to establish a platform dedicated to nurturing the talents of poets and stage performers?

A: As a performing poet who has been performing for quite a couple of years, I have been having the urge to pass on what I’ve learnt on stage and off stage about performance. 

The dream began in 2022 right after my book release.  And naturally, I’ve always really loved teaching what I’ve learnt.

2. Could you provide insights into the specific skills and knowledge participants can expect to gain from attending your masterclass at Cafe What on April 6th, 2024?

A: Insights like knowing more about the stage, more about how to manage oneself as an artist on stage, and how to boost and get confident whenever stepping on the stage. Things like how to mentally arrange your own set, and how to handle the stage before and after performing. They will also be equipped with the know-how of marketing oneself and ensuring the building of a brand, how to be unique and diverse with your craft.  Also, we will be discussing how to write your own poems and own material as a poet or any type of writer. 

3. With topics ranging from stage management to mental health, your masterclass covers a broad spectrum. How do you intend to ensure that each aspect receives adequate attention and application during the sessions?

A: I have made sure that I seek the best of the best in this country, from names like Mora Mobu, The Liatile Mohale-led Bahale ARTS and Development Centre, and Words In Creative Arena for writing and publishing one’s material. Sothokids Culture Agency for advocating talent and youth development in the culture sector. Siphiwe Nzima who has been on international stages and has been my coach on one of the local competitions, is a poetry coach. This includes guests who are industry-driven and supporters. 

4. Marketing plays a significant role in the success of performers. How does your masterclass address the unique marketing challenges faced by individuals in the poetry and stage performance industry?

A: I believe one of the panel speakers will address these issues, and I do know that most of them will be sure to address the marketability of an artist in this country.

Part 2:

5. In today’s digital age, how do you incorporate modern tools and technology into your teachings to prepare performers for the evolving landscape of the industry?

A: This is the same as using AI to better understand our power as writers,  online writing materials and the advisable use of Social media to enhance one’s fellowship.

(I struggled a bit ).

7. The venue choice, Cafe What? adds an intriguing element to the ambience of the masterclass. How do you believe the venue will enhance the learning experience for participants?

A: Café What? has always been the closest choice when hosting anything artistic, anything of an experience. Café What? is just the home of good spirits and positivity. 

8. Beyond the knowledge and skills imparted during the masterclass, what lasting impact do you hope to achieve for attendees as they continue their journey in the world of poetry and stage performance?

A: Honestly I do not wish to end it there, I wish to have more classes from this one, I wish this would unfold into many more classes that would one day be made into paying classes.


Litsitso Sibolla
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