Employee and Welfare Officer at NUL


POSITION: Employee and Welfare Officer
POST NO.: 2050


RESPONSIBLE TO: Director Human Resources
LOCATION: National University of Lesotho (Roma)



BA Human Resources Management or Related Fields.

Post graduate qualification in Human Resources Management or Related Field will be an added advantage.


5 years of professional experience in HRM functions, 2 of which must be in compensation and benefits field.

Knowledge of applicable labour laws.
Good managerial and coaching skills.

Excellent Supervisory, organizational and training skills. Ability to Plan and prioritize work.

Demonstrated ability to delegate.

Excellent Communication, writing and presentation skills. Excellent interpersonal skills.

Ability to work under pressure.

Ability to multi task.

Computer literacy is a requirement. Must be a TEAM PLAYER.



The purpose of this position is to ensure implementation and compliance with the law regarding benefits and compensation of NUL staff members, further to ensure secretarial services to the board of trustees.


Responsibility  of  the  incumbent  will  include  the  following  to:  develop  or  review remuneration and benefits policies, ensure proper membership of medical aid for employees, ensure updated and availability of Service Level Agreements, provide secretarial services to the board of trustees, ensure timely payments (end of contract/terminal) of benefits, ensure
compliance with law regarding estates of the deceased employees and attend  administrative activities.


1     To develop or review remuneration and benefits policies

1.1             To ensure availability of the remuneration and benefits  policy

1.2             To develop guidelines and tools of the policy

1.3             To publicize the policy

1.4             To ensure implementation of the policy

2    To ensure proper membership of medical aid for employees

2.1             To induct new employees on the medical aid options available to them

2.2             To   assist   employees   obtain   membership   from   required   service providers

2.3             To receive and record employee complaints on their medical aid memberships

2.4             To liaise with service providers on issues raised by employees

2.5             To make follow-ups with service providers on issues submitted by employees

2.6             To negotiate for better memberships on behalf of employees

2.7             To develop reports with recommendations

3    To Ensure Updated and Availability of Service Level Agreements

3.1             To facilitate meetings  between board of trustees and the service roviders


3.2             To suggest modifications on SLA (brokers, medical aids, bank loans etc) whenever necessary

3.3             To encourage NUL community to make inputs in SLAs

3.4             To consolidate inputs for submission to Board of trustees

3.5             To develop reports with recommendations

4    To provide secretarial services to the Board of Trustees

4.1             To develop annual meeting schedule for the financial year

4.2             To develop agenda items in consultation with the chairman

4.3             To issue invitations to members

4.4             To take minutes and action list during board meetings

4.5             To develop reports for the board

5    To ensure timely payments (end of contract/terminal) of benefits

5.1             To coordinate yearly statements for NUL staff members on pension

5.2             To incorporate modifications in the individuals personal details and salaries for submission to the broker

5.3             To process retirement/withdrawal claim forms

5.4             To process gratuities for fixed term contracted staff members

5.5             To submit payment schedules to service providers within stipulated time frames

5.6             To assist annuitants with their annual renewals of proof of existence and their queries on non-payment

5.7             To report annuitants death to the Broker for processing benefits on behalf of beneficiaries if death occurs within the life cycle

5.8             To liaise with payroll for any monthly payments

6    To ensure compliance with law regarding estates of the deceased employees

6.1             To process death claims for in service staff members (funeral cover, Group Life Cover & Funeral Benefits)

6.2             To submit to Labour Commissioner the estates of the deceased for distribution to the beneficiaries

6.3             To ensure compliance of national labour law

6.4             To make follow-ups on submissions

6.5             To develop monthly reports on approvals, challenges, queries and recommendations

7    To Ensure Compliance with Workmen`s Compensation Act

7.1             To advice the relevant office(s) on occupational safety and health

7.2             To report staff member accidents to the office of Labour Commissioner

7.3             To advise staff members on all requirements for processing the claims

7.4             To Process Workmen`s compensation claims on behalf of the staff members


7.5             To liaise with the Labour Commissioner and broker on processing payments whenever necessary

7.6             To develop a training schedule on workmen’s compensation

8    To Attend to Administrative Activities

8.1             To attend SMT, ASAC, NASAC and any other meetings as instructed

8.2             To make inputs in departmental budgets

8.3             To act as Human Resources Manager whenever instructed

8.4             To participate in NUL projects

8.5             To attend to salary advances as requested

8.6             To update Human Resource Information System

8.7             To ensure compliance with CHE standards

8.8             To induct new employees

8.9             To attend to wellness programs

8.10           To develop an annual work plan

Key Performance Areas(KPA) Key performance Indicators(KPI)
Developing or reviewing remuneration and benefits polices       Availability of remuneration and benefits policy       Availability of policy guidelines and tools
Ensuring proper membership of medical aid by employees       Availability of monthly reports on new medical aid memberships, filed complaints, claims reported by service providers.       Submitted complaints to service providers
Ensuring updated available Service Level Agreements (SLA)       Availability of signed SLA       Availability of reviewed SLA       Implanted SLA as agreed by both parties
Providing secretarial services to the board of trustees       Availability of annual meeting schedule       Availability of meeting invitations       Availability of board minutes       Availability of reports       Availability of resolutions taken by the board
Ensuring timely payments of benefits       Availability of annual statements for NUL staff       Availability of updated human


  resource information       Availability of monthly reports of payments done, queries and those in progress
Ensuring compliance with the law regarding estates of deceased employees       Availability of monthly reports showing submitted files, those in progress and those with challenges       Submission of deceased estates to the labour commissioner       Letters to make families aware of the labour law
Ensuring    compliance    with    Workmen’s Compensation Act       Availability of Workmen’s Compensation Act       Availability of training schedule on workmen’s compensation       Availability of reports
Attending administrative activities       Availability of annual work plan       Availability of monthly reports       Availability of budget inputs


The   University   offers   competitive   salaries   and   other   benefits   commensurate   with qualifications and experience.


Permanent and pensionable/gratuitable for Locals and Contract for Non-Locals.


   Application letters should state relevant qualifications and experience and provide other  information  that  will  assist  the  University  to  determine  the  candidate’s suitability for the position.

   Applicants should quote the vacancy number of the post applied for;
   Provide current CV’s (including telephone, telefax and e-mail).

   Provide names and contact details of three (3) professional references from Lead Consultants, Project Managers and Employers (current or previous).
   Comprehensive curriculum vitas, certified copies of educational certificates and transcripts.

Applications should be addressed and sent to:

Director – Human Resources

National University of Lesotho

P.O. Roma 180


emailed to [email protected]

The closing date for receiving full applications for the position is 17th May, 2019.

DISCLAIMER: Applicants who do not receive any response within three months after the closing date must consider their application unsuccessful.