Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit

Article by Relebohile Sera


Dried fruit are not only delicious snacks, but also full of health benefits. With their high fiber and nutrient content, fruits are an essential component of a healthy diet.

Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit is the best dried fruit producer in town, with it’s main business location in Borokhoaneng, Maseru. It was founded by the 25 year old Thapelo Donald Ntsiki, a lawyer by profession, who got inspired to start the business to positively impact the lives of Basotho and the country in general.

While the owner may be the main success factor in a company, having the best team on your side to carry on the daily dealings of the business is an advantage if they contribute to and maintain the vision of the company.

The secret to successful hiring is therefore looking for the people who want to change the world as you do. “I believe that to make a great company one has to have the right people in place, and I have the best team the country can offer and I will continue to source similar people as the company grows.” Ntsiki said.

There are many success pointers for Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit. Ntsiki measures their success by the number of lives they have positively touched, either directly or indirectly. “We have been able to provide job opportunities to two people so far. We have been engaged in a number of community/ social development projects and we have a serious case we have dealt with in which the company was able to acquire help for a young man who was unable to pursue his secondary education due to his family’s financial constraints. He will be able to commence his studies in January 2018.” Ntsiki clarified.

A business with no future focus is aiming for failure. Ntsiki sees his business maintaining its position of being the best dried fruit producer and supplier in Lesotho. “I am currently trying to penetrate the market and business field in Lesotho. This I make through the establishment of proper networks and connections wherever I go.

I try by all means to get my brand and product out there to the public in a number of ways.” He said. And that is exactly what pushes him out of bed each and every single morning, the idea of how Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit is going to change the world we live in.

He encourages graduates to get their minds ready to get into a new system of learning, that is the School of Life; learning outside the four walls. “To my fellow entrepreneurs; believe in yourself and your product/service, be authentic & stand out,  treat the business like a child- be prepared to go through good and bad times with it, be committed to what you’re doing and make God its foundation.

Let’s change the world we live in to the better, for future generations.” He enthusiastically added.

“We as the youth hold the future of Lesotho in our hands, at all levels and sectors. The impact of our contribution towards the development of this beautiful country will be more powerful if those in business build sustainable businesses that will help the current and future generations to live in an economically healthy country.

Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit is already doing its part, what are you waiting for? Start something today for a better tomorrow!” Ntsiki challenged.

If you want to taste the produce of Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit, call – +266 5628 1601​⁠​

You will never know the truth until you taste it. Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit are the truth.” -Donny’s happy client.