Do You Want To Learn How To Code?


In a world in which females are constantly proving to all that the world isn’t male, it is essential to teach girls the skills which were once considered ‘too masculine’. 33-year-old ‘Maneo Mapharisa is a Mosotho female who has established Girls’ Coding Academy in Maseru Lesotho. The Academy is located in the center of Maseru town at MetCash in Room 133.

Lesotho’s very own Girls’ Coding Academy offers lessons on coding, robotics, 3D printing and other Computer Science concepts that are recognized around the globe. These lessons are offered to children of both genders.

STEM programs such as these help children develop problem-solving abilities and to think beyond the stereotype that there is only one way to solve a problem. In addition, Girls’ Coding Academy aims at eradicating the perception that females do not have the cognitive ability to take on computer science as a career.

This business also raises awareness about the need to learn computational thinking. It is their belief that learning the core concepts behind developing a code or algorithm will equip students with tools to think around problems.

Enrolling in Girls’ Coding Academy is not only beneficial to children but will eventually benefit Lesotho as a whole. When one has the capacity to code, problem solving is easier and it is easy to create apps that can benefit companies or ministries in government.

For example, with the skill to code, apps that improve precision in architecture can be built and this will in turn remedy the problem of lack of infrastructure in Lesotho.

If you are looking to function easily as a global citizen, invest in understanding technology. Girls’ Coding Academy will equip you with lessons on how computing works, what computational thinking is and how algorithms work.

Lesotho needs more people equipped with the knowledge of technology and this can happen through encouraging coding. It is time to empower women, girls and children by encouraging them to love Science and Technology.

If you are ready to enroll at Girls’ Coding Academy, visit their premises at MetCash in room 133. They are open during the week and allow students the freedom to choose the lessons they want to focus at a particular time. In addition, the Academy is flexible enough to operate during holidays in order to accommodate the busy schedules learners might have.

Ready to enroll at Girls’ Coding Academy? Call or send a message to +266 5304 1501.

In the meantime, browse through pictures of their training sessions below:


Grace Makwaza
Grace is an uprising youth activist who uses her voice to inspire and inform. She has worked internationally as the Deputy Secretary General with Model UN Impact. This is where she advocated for youth inclusivity in the implementation of the SDGs and further launched projects such as PHAHAMA MOSALI. She is currently the youngest SDGs Ambassador for the internationally renowned Global Citizens Innovative Solutions SDGs Challenge.