Do You Need to Devote Your Time and Money to CompTIA A+ Certification?

Guest Post by Silin Andrew

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IT professionals can earn the CompTIA A+ certification after passing two exams that require a detailed understanding of the key technical concepts. These tests prepare you for the entry-level IT jobs, but it doesn’t mean that they are easy and you can go for them right away.

You need to understand that CompTIA A+ is not just about PC repair. The potential candidates for this path are the well-equipped specialists who are ready to troubleshoot and solve a wide range of problems associated with operating systems, networking, security, and mobile devices.

Contrary to most certifications that often revolve around one domain, the A+ certificate is designed to cover a broad set of skills that a modern technician must have.

Acing the exams from this certification path makes you relevant for a wide range of jobs. It is normally considered an ideal starting point for anyone venturing into the IT professional journey. This is due to the fact that the qualifying test does not have any complicated prerequisites. However, you need to possess some basic technical knowledge to get ready for them.

CompTIA A+ Certification and its Qualifying Exams

As you think of taking the qualification exams, which are known as 220-1001 and 220-1002, it is crucial that you are aware of what to expect. This path covers a wide range of skills and knowledge that you need to gain. Thus, you should know about the following details:

  • Hardware: This topic evaluates your knowledge regarding the connection of hardware components and devices as well as their respective identity and use;
  • Security: The potential candidates must be knowledgeable in the identification of security vulnerabilities and their subsequent mitigation steps;
  • Networking: You need to be able to explain various types of networks and connections. In this case, you should know about Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and small office/home office (SOHO);
  • Windows OS: The individuals must demonstrate their ability to install and support the Windows operating system, including client support and command line.
  • Mobile Devices: The students are expected to install and configure laptops and other mobile devices.

There are a lot more details that you need to know and all of them are covered in the exam topics.

CompTIA A+ Certification and Its Advantages

If you are wondering whether the CompTIA A+ certification is a good option for your career or not, here are some reasons to motivate you:

  • It gives you an edge in job applications

Applying for a new job can be tough, which is why you require to prove that you are the right candidate for the position. CompTIA A+ is globally recognized as the perfect entry-level certificate for the IT technicians. Thus, getting it gives a great boost when applying for the highly competitive job roles.

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  • You will gain a wide range of skills

The design of CompTIA A+ is such that you must have the skills in a wide range of concepts for you to pass the certification exams. The level of expertise that you gain enhances your skills in numerous technologies, including networking, operating systems, and security.


Taking the exams associated with the CompTIA A+ certificate is a good thing for your career, so you should treat this choice of yours with the seriousness that it deserves. It is a great boost to your college degree in IT and can still serve as standalone training to venture into this industry. Since it touches on various operating systems, the interested candidates will not feel limited regarding the types of systems they can manage.