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Roma Agri-Business Training Centre

RABTC has the objective of producing Basotho youths well trained in various fields of agriculture to be entrepreneurs or work at the various fields of the centers dealing with Agriculture. There are 3  programs offered: ACAM-Advanced Certificate in Agribusiness Management- 2 years, CAP-Cetificate in Agricultural Production- 1 year, Apprenticeship-1 year and short courses. There is intensive hands on Agricultural practices that enhance commercial farming efficiency and global market-targeting confidence. There is also a habit of working together with farming community through partnerships with clear contracts.

Key responsibilities
1. Deal with preparations for arrival of RABTC staff for short courses
2. Advertise RABTC short courses prior to the stipulated dates
3. Ensure safety of RABTC staff during visit 
4. Other related duties

Minimum qualifications and Competences

How to apply
Send CV and application letter to 56869547 (Whatsapp)

Closing date: 04/08/2019