Director – Center for Teaching And Learning (CTL) at NUL


The National University of Lesotho invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following position:

POST NO. 0025

RESPONSIBLE FOR:         Academic Developers: Continuing Professional Development, Edu-Tech; Supporting Students’ Academic Learning and CTL Technician, Administrative Assistant, and Personal Assistant



PhD in higher education studies/teaching in higher education, 5 years working in higher education institutions and 3 years experience at the level of Senior Management. PhD in education with experience working in higher education institutions may be considered.


   Should possess leadership, communication and planning skills and good project management;

   Competency in capacity building of personnel teaching in higher education;

   Competency in capacity building of staff on income generating projects;    Competency in instructional technology;

   Competency in undertaking research and publishing in the Higher Education sub- sector;

   Ability to work with affiliate and international institutions;

   Ability to work independently and in a team;

   Ability to analyse and solve problems with keen attention to details;

   Ability to withstand pressure of large workload within tight deadlines;

   Ability to manage change and act as a change agent;


The key areas of the mandate for the Centre for Teaching and Learning include planning, curriculum  development,  assessment,  supporting  use  of  technology,  student  learning, professional development and ensuring that there are resources to support teaching and learning.


Responsibility of the incumbent will include the following; to prepare strategic plan and operational plans for CTL, to develop and implement policies, to develop/review and implement CTL systems at NUL, to develop CTL asset management, to maintain technology infrastructure of NUL and to manage administration of the department.


1.   To Modify CTL Operational plan

1.1       To align the departmental job descriptions with NUL Strategic plan;

1.2       To implement Performance Management System Policy;

1.3       To develop departmental operational plan annually;

1.4       To assist heads of sections to develop their sectional operational plans;

1.5       To assess/review sectional heads half yearly;

1.6       To submit the departmental assessment forms to the office of HR;

1.7       To restructure CTL to meet the communication skills of different disciplines.

2.   To Develop/review and Implement Teaching & Learning  Policies

2.1       To develop/review work load policy and procedures;

2.2       To review teaching and learning policy and procedures;

2.3       To review  assessment policy and procedures;

2.4       To review  workload allocation policy and procedures;

2.5       To provide professional support to learners

2.6       To develop/review CTL policy and procedures

2.7       To develop Thuto (NUL LMS) policy and procedures

2.8       To develop student retention policy and procedures;

2.9       To develop student work load policy and procedures;

2.10     To develop a reward policy and procedures;

2.11     To provide professional support to students;

2.12     To facilitate implementation of all policies developed;

3.   To Facilitate Training for Academics and Management

3.1       To develop and implement an annual training schedule;

3.2       To facilitate a variety of workshops designed to improve the use of technology;

3.3       To train staff on developing portfolios;

3.4       To facilitate recruitment of academic programmes facilitators;

3.5       To develop a reward policy for academic developers;

3.6       To develop assessment tools for trainees;

3.7       To develop training reports after each training session;

3.8       To procure teaching and learning materials for teachers and learners;

3.9       To develop capacity building programme for staff on income generating projects;

3.10     To develop capacity building programme on undertaking research and publishing in the Higher Education sub-sector;

4.   To assist in developing/reviewing programmes

4.1       To develop/review a template  for  a programme per CHE accreditation standards;

4.2       To disseminate reviewed/developed  programme template;

4.3       To facilitate capacitating teachers on programme and curriculum development/ review;

4.4       To develop a follow  up schedule on developed/reviewed programmes;

4.5       To assess the finalized programmes in collaboration with Quality Assurance

Specialist before submission to internal structures and CHE for approval;

4.6       To develop diagnostic test for students programmes;

4.7       To facilitate development/review of teaching and learning materials;

5.   To develop and coordinate induction programme for teachers

5.1       To develop an induction programme inclusive of human resources and governance matters for both part and full time teachers;

5.2       To implement the induction programme;

5.3       To run training workshops;

5.4       To develop materials for monitoring induction of new staff;

5.5       To develop  training reports;

6.   To Manage Administration of the Department

6.1       To address  students learning challenges per programme;

6.2       To attend SMT, Senate, NASAC, ASAC, Deans & Directors, APC and Council  meetings whenever necessary;

6.3       To develop and implement departmental budgets;

6.4       To develop departmental meetings schedule;

6.5       To act in senior offices as instructed by the authorities;

6.6       To source funding for CTL projects/programmes;

6.7       To participate in NUL projects and functions;

To modify CTL operational plan Aligned departmental job descriptions with NUL strategic plan Developed annual departmental plan Available operational plan for units Assessed units heads half yearly Submitted departmental assessed forms in HR department Restructured CTL department
To develop/review and implement Teaching & learning Policies Reviewed work load policy Developed work load procedures Reviewed teaching and learning policy Reviewed assessment policy Developed assessment procedures Reviewed CTL policy and procedures Developed schedule for policy dialogue work shops Developed students support schedule and training reports per session.
To facilitate training for Academics and management Developed annual training schedule Prepared training reports for and training reports per session. Developed annual training schedule Prepared training reports for submission Developed assessment tools Developed portfolios Employed academic facilitators Developed assessment tools for trainees Availability of teaching and learning materials

To assist in developing/reviewing programmes    Developed check list for new/reviewed programmes per CHE accreditation standards    Prepared training reports for submission    Documented comments from Quality Assurance specialist    Prepared diagnostic test reports    Developed teaching and learning materials
To develop and coordinate induction programme for teachers     A developed induction programme for both part and full time teachers     Developed schedule for induction programmes     Prepared training reports for submission
To manage administration of the department    Prepared reports on assessment for student challenges    Developed Minutes of the meetings    Availability of departmental budget    Availability of schedule for departmental meetings    Developed proposals


The   University   offers   competitive   salaries   and   other   benefits   commensurate   with qualifications and experience.


Permanent and pensionable/gratuitable for Locals and Contract for Non-Locals.


(a) Application letters should state relevant qualifications and experience and provide other  information  that  will  assist  the  University  to  determine  the  candidate’s suitability for the position.

(b) Applicants should quote the vacancy number of the post applied for;

(c) Provide current CV’s (including telephone, telefax and e-mail).

(d) Provide names and contact details of three (3) professional references from Lead Consultants, Project Managers and Employers (current or previous).

(e) Comprehensive curriculum vitas, certified copies of educational certificates and transcripts.

Applications should be addressed and sent to:

Director – Human Resources

National University of Lesotho

P.O. Roma 180


emailed to [email protected]

The closing date for receiving full applications for the position is 17th May, 2019.

DISCLAIMER: Applicants who do not receive any response within three months after the closing date must consider their application unsuccessful.