Deputy Rector


TITLE: Deputy Rector
DIRECT REPORTS: Quality Assurance Manager, Academic Planning Manager, Projects Manager.


The Deputy Rector is one of the most senior executive administrators directing CAS projects, academic, quality assurance and library services of CAS.

Deputy Rector oversees the designated activities through effective leadership and direction in order to ensure the achievement of the Centre’s objectives and sustainability.

Main Duties:

Oversees Academic activities, Projects, Quality Assurance and Library Services

Look after the annual and multiple year CAS work plan and its implementation.

Oversee compliance with all regulatory requirements as they relate to teaching and learning (e.g. Council on Higher Education, Lesotho Institute of Accountants, Ministry of Education and Training etc.)

Oversee research and publication activities at CAS.

Establish academic links with other institutions of Higher Learning (locally, regionally and internationally.

Facilitate learning (by teaching) of academic and professional programmes.

Supervise and develop academic programmes when necessary.

Develop policies, procedures and regulations relevant to the academic matters and collaborate with Ministry of Education and CHE

Establish academic links with other institutions of Higher Learning (locally, regionally and internationally.
General Administration

Oversee the daily activities of designated functions through effective leadership and direction in order to ensure the achievement of CAS objectives.

Develop and execute the designated functions business strategies and goals.

Ensure sound relations between stakeholders and CAS in order to promote broader community engagement and partnerships.

Ensure that CAS produce good results at all levels of programmes offered and ensure employability skills are offered to students

Review curriculum to align it with the industry and economic needs.

Ensure effective representation of the institution on local, regional and international forums.

Ensure efficient coordination of activities at the Centre.
Financial Planning and Management

Prepare a comprehensive annual budget relating to the designated areas for consolidation in to the annual CAS budget.

Research on funding sources, oversee the development of fund raising proposals and plans to increase 3rd income stream for CAS

Provide the Rector with comprehensive, regular reports on the performance of the designated functions.
Human Resource Planning and Management

Do Workforce planning in the designated functions in line with the requirements of the institution.

Ensure effective use of human resources.

Recruit and appoint staff within the designated functions that have the right technical and personal abilities to help achieve CAS’ goals.

Partake in building and sustaining high performance culture in the institution.

Ensure enough mentorship and coaching processes/systems are in place in line with mentorship policy of CAS

Establish a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations.

Ensure that services offered by CAS are continually promoted both internally and externally in order to enhance the image of the Centre.

Implement performance management policy and system across all designated functions
Risk Management

Implement adequate risk management efforts within your designated functions in line with Enterprise Risk Management Policy of CAS.

· Master’s degree Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration or equivalent and PhD desirable. Plus 10 years in senior administrative level leadership and experience in higher education via demonstrated student centre philosophy.
· Demonstrable competence in managing sizable groups of academics and professionals.
· Keen interest in and strong commitment to upholding the academic quality and standard of the Institution.

Good leadership
Think strategically
Effective communication
Good report writing skills
Foster team work
Problem solving
Behave ethically
Creativity and innovatively

CAS offers competitive remuneration.

Interested applicants should send their detailed CV and educational certificates to the Human Resources &Organizational Development Manager at the Centre for Accounting Studies, 46 Bowker, and Old Europa or email to [email protected] on or before 20th August 2021.