Data Clerk Supervisor




1. Background Information

The Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho through the Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture and Social Development (MoGYSC&SD) has secured credit from the World Bank in the amount equivalent to US$26.5 million toward implementation of Pathways to Sustainable Livelihoods Project (PSLP) for a five (5) year period up to 2027. The Ministry intends to use part of the proceeds of this credit for an individual consultant to act as a Data Clerk Supervisor. The consultant shall support the implementation of component 3 of the Project.

2. Background for the assignment.

The position of the Data Clerk supervisor is required by the Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports, Arts, Culture and Social Development. Through management, oversight, review and training ensures data entry services are completed in an accurate efficient and timely manner. Ensures confidentiality, security of sensitive data and reports including personnel data, financial data etc. Furthermore, the objective is to oversee proper implementation of digital payments data collection, use of appropriate tools, procedures and ministerial policies as well as guidelines to ensure that the rollout of digital payments becomes successful and to enable the ministry to produce relevant and updated plans.

3. Roles and Responsibilities of the Data Clerk Supervisor

Under the supervision of the Senior Social Assistance Officer – Payments, the Data Clerk Supervisor is responsible for;

  • Training data entry clerks and enumerators to ensure that they know the specific functions of their position and ensures they undertake data entry and collection for all MGYSCASD programs especially for digital payments. They answer questions as necessary and walk them through different processes in data entry and collection.
  • Ensuring that data collected and entered into the MGYSACSD Management Information Systems is of highest quality. He/ she ensures that the data or information collected or gathered and entered into the MIS is free from errors such as spelling mistake, incomplete data etc., and researches to find cause of such mistakes if any and proposes corrective action with Data Entry Clerks.
  • Training and assigning work to personnel and direct activities. He/she is the supervisor of Data Clerks during data collection, entry, cleaning, verifications and reporting. The incumbent will ensure that there is continuous workflow and meeting of assigned tasks and set deadlines for data collection, cleaning, entry, payments and case management processes.
  • Working with staff, Data Clerk Supervisor will evaluate performance and offer feedback. They look for ways to improve efficiency within their team and offer guidance in handling issues or difficulties.
  • Ensuring that their staff understands the policies and regulations of the ministry, making sure these policies are followed.
  • Contribute in the development and improvement of information systems for digital payments to securely administer payments processes and assist in identifying systems constraints.
  • Ensure that all needed resources or materials for data collection are in place working closely with IT team.
  • Data clerk supervisor gathers and shares data information regarding the current state of digital payment and report monthly and annually on all digital payment activities progress
  • She/he stores and backups of collected data information for future references and compiles well-analyzed reports on data collection processes.
  • Coordinating work with other employees, data entry supervisors have a strong sense of teamwork. Must work efficiently in high-volume and fast-paced environments.
  • Typically, they must have three to five years of experience.

 4. Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • Degree in IT, statistics, or computer science, with two (2) to three (3) years of experience
  • Strong supervisory and Leadership skills, ideally with experience leading field teams to collect data in the field
  • Significant data entry experience
  • Fast typing
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Computer literacy and proficiency in the use of Excel
  • Excellent organization skills and attention to detail
  • Thorough understanding of data entry methods, equipment and procedures
  • Information processed into electronic database & Management of Records & Files.

5. Reporting

The supervisor reports to the PFU Coordinator, working under the close supervision of Social Assistance Manager

6. Period of the Assignment

The duration of the contract is one year with renewable subject to satisfactory performance and project needs.

7. Remuneration

Salaries and benefits are market related. [Logistics arrangements, office space, internet services, or transport arrangements…etc. may be provided by the Client, if applicable]

8. Arrangements Process

The position will be based in Maseru, at the Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports, Arts, Culture, and Social Development (MGYSCASD) offices, but with extensive field visits to the selected districts and community councils, as needed.

9. Selection Arrangement

Selection of the position holder, Individual Consultant, will be in accordance with the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for ICs. Interested candidates must send a letter of expression of interest and suitability for the position as well as a Curriculum Vitae, in English and two reference letters, before 16:30pm on 27/03/2023 to the following addresses:

Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture and Social Development

P.O. Box A222



Tel: (+266 27003549 Email [email protected] copy to [email protected]

Qualified persons with disabilities and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications can be hand delivered or emailed and applications received after the closing date will not be considered.