Cycle House Investment Invitation


Cycle House offers a signature combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training designed for unprecedented fat-burn, muscle building, energy levels increase and overall maintenance of a healthy active lifestyle. Our programs cater for a full spectrum of fitness levels from beginner to advance. More importantly, the Cycle House team is genuinely committed to clients’ development and paced progress; with our passionate and friendly coaches developing each workout program according to fitness level and intended outcomes of the program beneficiaries.

Our vision is to become Lesotho’s leading fitness studio and primary authority on healthy active lifestyles. To that end we have adopted a strategy designed to bring exponential growth in membership subscriptions and as we reach our first year of operating, we are proud of the progress so far. Within the last year we have seen an exciting growth in brand recognition and membership subscription so much so that we have exceeded the capacity of our current primary location.

That is why we are thrilled to announce the opening of our second branch, meant to significantly increase Cycle House’s capacity and services offering. Some of the services offered at the second branch will include strength training, boxing, yoga, cardio, as well as athlete training and rehabilitation services. We aim to play an increasingly central role in Basotho’s wellness and as such we hope this second branch will be the first in many wellness centres that provides healthy lifestyle support even beyond just exercise.

To achieve this goal we are extending an invitation to you to invest in this vision, and profit from the momentum that the Cycle House brand has generated. We have approached you because we believe that you would be the sort of partner that would empower us to put in place the infrastructure needed to see this vision through, whilst maintaining the core values of Cycle House. We are fully committed to building long standing mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, which is why in this fund-raising round we are committed to ceding 30% of Cycle House equity. We anticipate that you would be one in several partners that will take up portions of the 30%, but we are also open to one person/entity taking up all the shares offered.

We are excited about what we can accomplish together and look forward to hearing from you.

To express your interest, please email [email protected].


Mpho Phakoana (CEO and Founder – Cycle House)