Cuban Linx and Shipa Present Boipuso Showcase


Shipa is an online and pop up store which has been relentlessly marketing and showcasing streetwear brands since summer 2016. The first pop-up by Shipa was curated at Nala Market and paved way for more pop up events at various platforms in the country and across.

In 2019, Shipa hosted Tsa Winter pop-up in collaboration with Dirt Mouth Battle league to showcase winter collection and flair by up and coming Lesotho artist and brands. It’s 2020 and Shipa is back again with an exciting pop-up dubbed Boipuso Showcase in celebration of Lesotho’s 53rd Independence Day.

Cuban Linx is a prime lifestyle club in Maseru downtown which offers night life experience and space for creative’s to implement their ideas into reality. Shipa will curate at Cuban Linx in celebration of Independence Day by converging influencers, followers and designers together for a weekend experience.

This Spring Equinox – Shipa online and pop-up Store will present Boipuso Showcase, taking place at Cuban Linx located in Maseru from the 02-04 October at 10:00AM to 18:00pm all weekend. It features independent clothing brands in the mountain kingdom namely; Bonono, City kings, Joachim Garments Nobodies and Sqo.

Boipuso Showcase is a 3 days pop-up showcasing urban brands in local streetwear and lifestyle. Boipuso Showcase is the first of its annual event which is aimed to preserve Independence Day in Lesotho with style and celebrate independency of forefront brands. Also promoting and marketing local independent brands as well as artists to uphold Lesotho’s urban-culture. It is also a meet and greet between fans, artists, designers and influencers in a creative space.

Activities at Boipuso Showcase 2020 will include clothing, display, review, fittings, merchandising and sneaker customizations drop off and pick up. Wear Local Friday will set a Street meet session on Friday. Boipuso Showcase will engage in creative’s talk and networking.

Covid-19 regulations shall be observed under purple stage.