Content Writer – Social Media Manager

Work remotely as a content writer / social media manager!The founder of Lead Cookie recently launched a new venture called Content Allies that is focused on creating daily Linkedin content for our clients.

We are seeking content writers & social media managers who will work directly with customers to create daily social content for our clients’ Linkedin feeds.

Imagine having the ability to work from anywhere.

Your home, a coffee shop, Europe, Mexico, Thailand…

At Lead Cookie, our number one value is freedom.

You will have to work each day and put in time and hours, but you will have a significant amount of freedom where and when you work.

What Content Allies is:

Content Allies is a service that offers daily Linkedin content for our customers profiles to help them nurture their audience, appear as thought leaders, and drive leads.

So what is the content writer / social media manager role?

This role is very simple.

  • You will work underneath our lead content strategist.
  • You will write and schedule regular Linkedin content posts for them.
  • You will have support for graphic design of graphics.
  • We have systems, templates and processes that you will follow.

The tasks you will do on a regular basis include:

  • Creating customer summaries and strategies
  • Creating ~20 pieces of social content per month for each customer
  • Eventually managing a client load of ~20 customers
  • Working under direction of a lead content writer
  • Consistently learning, growing, and improving your skills to become a master of social content and copywriting

NOTE: Our customers will all be in B2B. So these will be businesses typically selling to other businesses. This is not B2C marketing where we focused on consumers.

Growth Potential: While this initial role is for a content writer, there is opportunity to be promoted to a lead content strategist in the future.

The ideal candidate:

  • Detail oriented
  • Has existing copywriting skills
  • Experience in social media management is a huge plus
  • Fast learner and a lifelong learner


Purpose: Freedom

  • The actions we take create more freedom, not less for team members, clients & owners.


  • Life > Work
  • Lifelong learning
  • Positive thinking
  • Mutually Beneficial Transactions
  • Details matter

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