Consultant Recruitment to Carry out a Community- based paralegal needs assessment in Lesotho


Habitat for Humanity Lesotho seeks to understand the land and property legal and human right challenges faced by communities in Lesotho. Identify opportunities that exist for strengthening communities’ capacity to resolve security of tenure and property inheritance right challenges.

Habitat for Humanity Lesotho intends to recruit professional consultancy services to undertake a needs assessment to understand better legal and human rights challenges in communities while identifying gaps and opportunities that will inform an advocacy proposal. 

Terms of reference may be collected from Habitat for Humanity Lesotho, 180 Moshoeshoe Road, Christian Council Building, Third FloorMaseru, Lesotho, between the hours of 08H00 and 16H30 Monday to Thursday and between the hours of 08H00 and 13H00 on Friday from the 7th to 11th June, 2021.  Deadline for submission is on the 14th June, 2021.