Consultant for a Knowledge Management Audit of the Commonwealth Secretariat

Fee: Less than £500 GBP per day

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of independent and equal sovereign states. Its members are bound together by shared values and principles, which are enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter. The Commonwealth Secretariat in London convenes member countries; executes mandates set by the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) and implements strategic plans agreed by its Board of Governors representing its member countries.

To drive knowledge management as an organisational asset and promote sound knowledge management practices, the Commonwealth Secretariat (‘the Secretariat’) developed and comprehensive Knowledge Management Strategy. The Strategy embodies the Secretariat’s commitment to adaptive planning, monitoring and delivery of results as outlined in the strategic plan. It sets out that all knowledge management activities in the Secretariat must serve these strategic areas of work through evidence collection; data analysis; knowledge capture, generation, and exchange; improved organisational effectiveness and efficiency; and fostering a culture of learning and exchange.

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a Commonwealth Secretariat wide knowledge management audit that establishes a baseline for assessment of progress in the implementation of the Strategy. This audit has been identified as one of the initial key steps in actioning the Strategy.

Interested applications should apply by sending a submission in line with the ‘Request for Quotation (RFQ)’ attached to [email protected] by 08 Dec 2021 17:00hrs UK time.

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Evaluation will be based on both competency and cost. Where submissions are similar in quality, preference will be given to Contractors that are Commonwealth citizens or entities registered in a Commonwealth country.

Closing date: 08 December 2021 17:00hrs GMT

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