Consultancy for training of SDGs coordination and implementation in the context of Lesotho


Project: Joint sdg fund: Joint Programme on Economic and Financial Management Integration for the Achievement of SDGs (JP-EFMIS)

Contract: Contract for Professional Services 

Duration: 20 Days

Starting Date: September 2021

Deadline: August 18th, 2021

Link to detailed TORs:

The Government of Lesotho, through the Ministry of Development Planning (MoDP) and the Ministry of Finance, and in collaboration with UNDP, UNICEF and IOM are implementing a joint programme on Economic and Financial Management Integration for Sustainable Development (JP-EFMIS) to promote integrated planning and financing for sustainable development, to accelerate attainment of the SDGs. With assistance from the UNDP, the MoDP will pilot the Integrated National Financing Framework to establish country specific mechanisms for aligning its development targets and financing objectives. Through the INFF, policymakers will lay out a strategy to increase and make most effective use of investment for sustainable development and ultimately achieve priorities articulated in a national sustainable development plan. As a result, the INFF is seen as an acceleration framework for SDGs achievement. A successful INFF depends on national capacity to coordinate the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs.

It is in this context that, on behalf of the Ministry of Development Planning, UNDP requires services of an experienced economic development expert to capacitate Government officials and other key national stakeholder on SDGs implementation. The consultant will be expected to develop a curriculum and lead a series of capacity building and knowledge workshops for different stakeholders, and facilitate development of a national coordination platform to facilitate implementation, monitoring and reporting on the SDGs achievement in Lesotho

Applications should be directed to [email protected]