Connie’s Fashion and Makeup Continues to Blow Our Minds Away

‘Mamokone Connie Liphoto

Every female can attest that there is nothing as stressful as getting the perfect eye-brow shape. Anyone can apply foundation or lipstick but the entire look is determined by getting yourself the perfect eyebrow shape.

Once your face is done, choosing an outfit is not a walk in the park for any female. Actually, statistics show that 45% of women are indecisive in choosing an outfit for work every day.

What if I told you that I found someone who can cure your make-up dilemmas and fashion problems at the same time? Don’t believe me?

‘Mamokone Liphoto, famously known as Conni is a Mosotho female who is passionate about makeup and beauty. She attended school at Moshoeshoe II High School and it was at that time that her mother taught her how to sew.

As her skill improved year by year, she fell in love with creating beautiful clothes. This is why she made the decision to get a degree in Fashion and Retailing at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. She slowly harnessed this skill until she became a guru in not just fashion but in make-up as well.

Much like many artists, her fuel to keep going comes from her love for her craft. She reports, “I love what I do and that’s my strength because I never get tired.”

What makes her designs unique is that she is always looking to improve her capabilities. She fuses cultural trends with a modern touch that wows everyone who looks at them. Besides, her make-up skills are not just ordinary because she uses make-up to communicate important messages.

For example, she has done make-up to highlight the detrimental effects of Gender Based Violence. Many people usually seek her designs because she is able to come up with unique pieces based on what the customer is looking for.

Connie reports that her biggest achievement is winning the Lesotho Fashion Week Wool and Mohair Competition. This victory got her an opportunity to display her creations at the Lesotho Fashion Week. She also had the opportunity to showcase her work at the Royalty Fashion Experience.

To create such exquisite pieces, Connie draws inspiration from massive brands like Louis Vuitton and Victoria Secret. These brands push her to explore the depth of her capabilities. She admires how these big brands have a reputation of surprising people with every new design.

Connie’s biggest dream is to have an international fashion label that caters for the unique needs of every customer. She wants to use fashion to send a message to people all over the world and capture an ethereal feel in every piece she has.

Besides, she wants to own a school of arts. The institution will give young people a platform to learn about the beauty of pursuing their love for fashion in different careers from styling to designing itself. In fact, she is putting together a team to brainstorm on how to start building a bigger school since she already has a fashion and make-up school of her own.

So the next time you have a hard time getting that perfect eye-brow shape or even choosing an outfit, whether you are male or female, contact Connie through her Facebook platform: COGRABIG FASHION.

You will not regret it!