Community and Social Media Manager


Community Manager/Social Media Manager (Freelance)


Keywords Player Support is a fast-growing service line of the Keywords Studios company that offers customer service positions in the exciting gaming industry! Pioneers & Leaders for over 20 years, we have been the premier international provider of services for companies that publish and develop MMOs, virtual worlds, social games, casual games, mobile games and transmedia content. We also provide services to online payment and virtual goods providers.

We are looking for a Community Manager/Social Media Manager for one of our projects:

Responsibilities include:

  • Create and execute a social media strategy.
  • Communication with the client and their partners.
  • Daily interaction with fans of our clients’ games across various online platforms.
  • Moderate social media and community platforms to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for all community members.
  • Devise community guidelines and measures against unwanted behavior.
  • Create original social media client, both in collaboration with the client and independently.
  • Relay player feedback and sentiment back to the client in a structured, actionable way, and follow processes to escalate key issues quickly and clearly.
  • Monitor online reviews and devise strategies to improve overall review scores.
  • Be the clear and friendly voice of the studio to the community.
  • Performs other related duties.


  • Passion for gaming, in a broad knowledge of genres and platforms
  • Extensive experience with social networking sites, preferably for a gaming company, influencer or personal brand.
  • Ability to interpret social media insights data and create action points based on that data.
  • Ability to think creatively about how to grow and nurture the community.
  • A proactive attitude and the drive to continuously improve the work that we deliver to clients.
  • Strong understanding of community management best practices.
  • Working schedule: 40h/week, Monday to Friday in normal office hours in your country. Slight variation may be needed depending on where you are based.
  • Availability to start in immediately is a plus.
  • Excellent level of English.

This position is to work as a freelancer from home and can be based in the UK or anywhere in the world as long as you can work in the schedule proposed.

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