Client Analyst


Job Purpose

  • Conduct ongoing research and analysis to enable the Managers Client Coverage to fully understand the clients’ business, context, and identify potential business opportunities for the bank.
  • Interpret the research findings and analytics. Make recommendations regarding potential opportunities or risks so that the Manager Client Coverage is able to proactively identify solutions or mitigate commercial risks

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Conduct research on clients, their business, operations and performance, as well as trends in their specific industries and provide recommendations, risks, analysis and marketing opportunities (CST feedback
  • Ensure that the client information is updated in all the relevant information systems
  • Analyse information and compile reports and dashboards regarding sales activity and business pipeline
  • Support Client Coverage Managers with regard to Client Service Team (CST) Management
  • Interact and liaise with clients with the purpose of providing or requesting information, to assist in the deal execution and/or gathering critical information for the bank
  • Compile and analyse reports on client profitability, product profitability and provide input to the budget planning and performance management process
  • Support Managers: Client Coverage in the credit process including credit applications, PCC (paper preparation), excess management, and compliance related issues to achieve zero write-off of debt, zero operational loss issues and other relevant workflows between credit and coverage
  • Develop and prepare appropriate documentation to complete annual credit review in conjunction with the Manager: Client Coverage
  • Complete routine Portfolio Management and ad hoc project activities

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or business related field. 
  • A post graduate business degree will be considered an advantage
  • 2-3yrs Knowledge of Banking, Financial Services or Business Consulting experience.
  • Good understanding of accounting (both management and financial accounting

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Sound Accounting knowledge
  • Knowledge of credit processes 
  • Ability to manage porfolios

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