Cinematographer at Enrich


We are looking for cinematographer who will be responsible for creating the look, color, lighting and framing of every single shot in a film. We are looking for someone who thinks carefully about every shot, considering the angle, light and the camera movement, because there is an infinite number of choices they can make.

Duties and Responsibilities.

• Operate cinema camera(s), set lighting, and adjust sound (or provide leadership to crew on set who has those roles) for short-form video projects.

• Provide on-set direction to talent and crew.

• Support the pre-production process from the starting days of project inception to final approval of all production elements.

• Scout locations, run casting calls, enquire permits for restricted locations.

• Fashion outtake reels.

Required Qualification

• 5+ total years of pre and post-production work including experience as a camera operator and editing (Premiere preferred).

• Strong portfolio demonstrating the ability to capture artful, visually-striking images (see above for portfolio requirements).

• High technical competence with cinema cameras.

• High technical competence with advanced camera supports and corresponding camera movements.

• Experience working on small crews and serving in different on-set roles as required.

Preferred Candidate

• Filmmaking (or related field) degree or accreditation

• Experience pitching new projects and creative concepts to new and existing clients

• Creating a film that moved someone to tears (in a good way… and they can’t be related to you)

• 360-degree video storytelling and production

• Experience with complex sound/microphone arrangements

Applications are open from 23 June – 25 June 2022