Chief Executive at Standard Lesotho Bank


Job Purpose

Directly accountable for providing strategic leadership for the Franchise by working with the Standard Bank Group (SBG) Leadership; Board of Directors and other Senior Management to establish Long-Term Strategic Goals and Objectives aligned to the SBG.  Ultimately accountable for driving Bank’s growth and sustainability, ensuring the achievement of Financial Gains, Brand Enhancement, Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management.

 Articulates and sets the strategic direction and business objectives (client centric approach) at a country level, in line with:

1. Sub-Regional CIB and PBB objectives 

2. Interface with other parts of the group (i.e. Corporate Functions and Wealth).

Takes overall accountability for building and maintaining a strong brand and reputation at a country level as aligned to SBG.

Directs, develops and manages the teams in-country, in partnership with matrix (where applicable).
Ensures delivery of revenues and net earnings through delivery of an appropriate range of banking products.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Champions the formulation and implementation of Country Business strategies and plans to achieve maximum returns on investment, minimise cost of doing business, ensure job satisfaction for employees and promote positive image for the company.
  • Drives the development and achievement of efficient operating plans.
  • Provides executive advice, evaluates and guides the business lines (Country and Regional) teams on market and industry best practices.
  •  Monitors and stays abreast of Industry, national and international development, trends and events to ensure the Franchise is able to maintain and sharpen its competitive positioning.
  •  Oversees the operations of the business and manage its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  •  Promotes a culture that reflects the Group’s values, encourages Excellence in performance, and Rewards productivity and appropriate behaviours.
  • Offers direction and leadership to Human Capital (HC) Management according to authorized HC policies and procedures that fully conform to local laws, regulations and Group standards.
  •  Evaluates the organization’s and the leadership performance on a regular basis.
  • Ensures that the Board of Directors and Group / Regional matrices have sufficient and up-to-date information on strategic and operational affairs of the business and its environment
  • Collaborates with the Standard Bank Group, CIB and Board to define and articulate the organization’s vision and to develop strategies for achieving that vision.
  •  Make appropriate strategic decisions around the direction of the Business. Ensure the business remain highly relevant in local markets and ensuring alignment to Group and Product lines. In this regard, taking cognisance of, among other things, Global trends in client dynamics, industries, regulatory changes relevant to the Bank and the client base as well other specific industry requirements.
  •  Leads the Bank’s timeous and adequate response to changes in the business environment in relation to but not limited to technology, transacting, international business, global economic dynamics and client preferences.
  • Develops and monitors strategies for ensuring the long-term financial viability of the Franchise. 
  • Accountable for the implementation and adoption within the Business Units of all Compliance, Risk Management and Governance related requirements contained in policies, procedures and processes. This includes proactive management of Regulatory Relationships to ensure the business does suffer any adverse implications. This responsibility may be delegated formally. It is however noted that ultimate accountability for the delegated responsibilities shall rest on the person delegating (Chief Executive).
  • Ensures that the country has a robust business continuity management plan. Enlist the support of internal specialist teams to improve the plans. Drive the testing of the plans in line with the Risk profile of the country.
  • Safeguard the integrity and reputation of the bank by ensuring the CIB, PBB and Corporate Functions operate within legal and regulatory requirements (i.e. prudential and fiduciary).
  • Provide Strategic Leadership to the Country Business Lines and Corporate Functions team in all work-related aspects and ensure smooth operations. 
  • Leads and provides support to the performance management cycle, inspires and empowers teams to deliver optimally.
  • Evaluate and manage direct reports in a fair and consistent manner to achieve high standards of competence, motivation and service orientation.
  • Inspires innovation and high-performance culture to teams.
  •  Develops dynamic and strong future leadership within the Bank, aligned with Group Leadership Identity and Talent Management.
  • Attends to succession planning, in line with the Groups’ policies for business continuity, sustainability and Growth.
  • Maintain networks with internal stakeholders to build credibility and connectivity across all levels of the organisation albeit product, territory, or region or sector expertise.  Accountable for the Delivery of the overall Country Business Budget and all Financial measures on an annual basis and drive its attainment.
  • Manage resources within budget guidelines according to Group Standards, Current Laws and Regulations
  • Ensures the Bank and its Vision, Purpose, Products and Services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders.
  • Accountable for building a distinctive universal brand to proactively manage our reputation; whilst delivering our brand promise. 
  • Review and influence (in collaboration with product matrix) the portfolio of clients to target in country to ensure that CIB matures and grows market share.
  • Accountable for the embedding of Client Centric culture in country; ensuring the delivery of excellent experiences, offering solutions clients need, building and maintaining effective client relationships

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • First Degree in Commerce or Business Administration or Business-Related qualification
  • Master’s Degree in Business Finance, Accounting, or Business-related fields 
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience, five of which should be in a top management position in a multinational financial intuition. 
  • Prior experience in the Business Leadership, with a broader scope of country; regional, large business area

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Financial Aumen -Knowledge and understanding of costing, budgeting and finance concepts and the understanding and application of related processes and procedures. Aware of Budget targets and Shareholder Expectations. Consistently enhances the products contribution resulting in reduced cost and/or increased revenues and profits.
Business Knowledge – Anticipates and influences industry developments. Acquisition management and Understands Group and Country as a Sales-focused business. Expertise on the specific Client industry that is covered by the role. 
Product & System Knowledge – Demonstrates and imparts broad technical expertise relevant to business development, risk types, client products / value propositions. Demonstrates expertise in market intelligence and relevant competitor understanding. Knowledge of the various Transactional systems and frameworks. Knowledge of all business segment products, Digitization Strategy and its associated electronic channels.
Risk Management– Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of Risk management methodologies, tools, governance structures and regulatory requirements for good management of risk. Credit – Understands and applies appropriate credit knowledge and principles. Country – Understands and applies appropriate credit knowledge and principles. Market – Understands and applies appropriate credit knowledge and principles
Financial Management–   Skills and knowledge to advise the Board and Group decision makers on financial processes, control measures, budgets and financial performance. The ability to conduct assessments of the economic impacts, market trends, earnings prospects, stability and profitability of the business in country. 
Strategic Planning & Reporting – Knowledge and understanding of the process and thinking required to formulate objectives and priorities and implement plans consistent with the long-term interests of the organisation in a global environment. The ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities
Local International Market – Expertise on the opportunities, competitive environment, regulations, and risks related to doing business in a particular country. Expertise on cross border transacting, multicountry risk taking, regulations governing cross border transactions and the risks of business in multiple jurisdictions
Compliance Regulatory Knowledge – The ability to interpret regulations and laws that apply to the business and to provide information to business on how to comply. Sound understanding of group and statutory policies and controlling of limits. Demonstrates sound knowledge and understanding of Group Compliance and AML. Understands and operates within Regulatory and Legislative guidelines including AML and sanctions. Develops and/or implements relevant risk measurements and risk management systems, processes and policies.

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