Career Guidance by Centre for Accounting Studies Student, Makhala Phomane

Originally published by Academic Youth Progress


Name: Makhala Phomane

Former High School: ‘Mabathoana High School.

Tertiary Institution: Centre for Accounting Studies

Program: Chartered Accounting.

Requirements: 5 credits including Maths and English

Organizations: Just Sports(Basket Ball)


How did you end up studying at Centre for Accounting Studies?

I developed a passion for Accounting in 2010. I was in Form B at the time. I was a good performer in all the other subjects but Business Studies was my favourite. I understood what was being taught and could picture it in the real life. I knew about CAS at that time and told myself that is where I’ll be studying after high school. I heard about the money Chartered Accountants earn and that influenced me even more.

I enrolled with a science class in 2012, when I started Form D and that’s where my confusion started, I then wanted to be an engineer, I love big things so being a female engineer would’ve been a big deal to me. In all honesty I was passing my physics and maths well but then I did not understand the whole concept of physics, what was important was for me to pass. Passed my COSC well, I was among the top 10s. But deciding on what to study was a problem.

I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to study, I wanted to apply everywhere, I remember my grandfather telling me I’m acting like desperate person. After a little talk with him I remembered what it is that really set my soul on fire and so I got my application from CAS.

You might be as confused as I was then, nobody knows yourself better than you, research on the course that you want to do now because that is what you’ll be doing the rest of your life, you don’t want to wake up every day to a depressing career.


What influences your performance at CAS?

Many will tell you that life at CAS is not easy and that people fail. That is true, people fail but people do pass as well. Question is where do you want to fall? I believe it’s not within those who fail. I believe what makes most people fail is that they forget where they’re coming from, or why they’re studying what they are studying. Do not forget yourself.

Balance between your school life and social life. You don’t want to be that guy who’s always on the books but whose performance isn’t that satisfactory. This happened to me when I was first doing Essentials module, that’s the first level of Chartered Accounting. I did not have time for friends or family. I was at school every single day, studying. Late nights and early mornings. I was so exhausted.

I remember one day meeting with my friend before school, he looked at me and told me I needed to go home and rest, he could see how exhausted I was. I still insisted on going to school but promised to go home early, but I didn’t. I don’t even remember doing anything productive that day but I still did not rest. I failed all the papers I was doing that semester. It was unbelievable but looking back now I know where I went wrong.

I hated discussions, I remember a friend from class asking that I join their discussion but I never made time for that. Trust me it was painful to see all of them proceed to the next module, and wish you all the best if you want to come here.

Note: make sure this is what you love.


Applying at CAS

Applications are available at CAS at the reception. Courses to be covered include:

  • Foundations in Audit
  • Foundations in Taxation
  • Foundations in Management Accounting
  • Foundations in Financial accounting
  • Accountant in Business, at Certified Accounting Technician level
  • Then: Business Law, Taxation, Performance Management, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, and Financial Management at General Accounting Level
  • And lastly; Governance, Risk and Ethics, Corporate Reporting, Business Analysis, Advanced Financial Management, Advanced Performance Management and Advanced Audit and Assurance at Chartered Accounting Level.

All the Best.


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