Career Guidance by Lerotholi Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student, Mohlomphehi Motanyane

Originally published by Academic Youth Progress

Mohlomphehi E Motanyane

Names: Mohlomphehi E Motanyane

Former High School: NULIS

Tertiary Institution: Lerotholi Polytechnic

Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Year of Study: Year 3

Organisation: Member of Academic Youth Progress.


To enrol with the engineering faculty, a student must at least have obtained a C in English, a C in Physics and Chemistry and preferably a B in Maths.

Lerotholi Polytechnic offers vast selection of engineering courses, namely:

  • Construction Management engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Water and environmental engineering
  • Computer Systems engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Architecture


How did you end up studying Mechanical Engineering?

From high school I used to love cars so much. Every time my parents bought me electric toy cars I would dismantle them just to see how they really functioned. I was fascinated by bolts and nuts. Looking at the stuff I used to love as a kid, I then decided to take a career path in engineering.

Mechanical Engineering is a broad field of study, there are so many things you could do after studying mechanical engineering apart from dealing with cars. For instance, you could be a manufacturer, a designer or a maintainer of any mechanical product/ machine.

In terms of the application process, engineering is not a course of smart or genius students as some people think, you have to be a hardworking student who always has a motive of learning new things. And very importantly you will have to love this course for it not to be a chore when you are studying it.


What influences one’s performance?

The idea of hardworking and having motivated classmates who I can rely on has always been a pillar of one’s strength towards the studies. Passion beats them all, I believe as long as you’re studying what you love, your performance will be satisfying.


What have you learned so far?

Surrounding yourself with the right friends who always discuss and share some vital ideas in college is very important for performing well in college, because as an engineer or a student you need to be knowledgeable about many things. Also a student has to always be on his/her toes so as to be ready to get new info and this knowledge a person can also attain it by reading lots and lots of books.


To someone who’s about to apply for Engineering courses

For those students who would like to apply for Mechanical Engineering or any other engineering course, I would say to them “just go for it and give it all you have got”. Engineering is not hard good people! You just have to work hard and focus on your studies and all the great achievements will follow.


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