Can positive thinking really make all things possible?

By Teboho Polanka

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

A lot of “Law of attraction” practitioners believe that if you think positive you’ll attract only positive. They strongly believe that we all are capable of some epic successes only if we think positively. Now whether that’s entirely true, it seems nobody dares to ask.

To be clear, I don’t think proponents of these theories have really thought them through. Nothing could be farther from the truth in my opinion. What am I saying? Positive thinking will not make anything possible for anyone.

How many times have you really tried to be positive in your thinking? No I mean really, really entertain positive thoughts. Has it worked out? Have you achieved that world-class business venture you always fantasize about? I bet you haven’t seen a thing coming through for you just by mere positive thinking.

Do I hate positive thinking? No! It’s just that people have gone to some extremes with these concepts. If you think about it, positive thinking will not let you do or pursue some things.

Or wait a minute. Can somebody at least encourage the government to resort to positive thinking, maybe that’s what we need to turn things around. Let them be as positive as they can in their thinking about the future, that may bring back missing finances and perhaps even make our nation a first world nation. What do you think?

“I am convinced,” Zacchaeus said, “that life is just a game, here on Earth, a game where no one need be a loser, no matter what his plight or condition may be. I believe that everyone can enjoy the fruits of victory but I am equally as certain that, like all other games, one cannot participate in this mysterious act of Iiving with any hope of satisfaction unless one understands a few simple rules.:’- Or Mandino

Do these words sound familiar? How many times have you guys learned the “FEW SIMPLE RULES?”

Haven’t they paid off as yet? Can an IT practitioner by positively thinking perform a surgery on anyone and have them live, only if they learn a few simple rules?

Can we please positively think this country through these political and economic swamps into a stable and thriving society. Let’s learn the few simple rules, shall we? I bet it’ll take more than positive thinking and learning a few things to transform our lives.

Some things are just inevitable, and can complicate life even more. It doesn’t matter how hard we learn a few things or how positive we can get we can’t shake off international economies from influencing us. We can’t become an independently wealthy nation; what happens in SA will always restrain our efforts.