Call for short stories: Intimate Partner Violence


In a 2015 study conducted by Genderlinks, the study showed that 86% of women experienced some form of violence at least once in a lifetime. The study indicated that violence against women occurred predominantly within intimate partner relationships, with 62% of women having experienced intimate partner violence and 37% of men having perpetrated intimate partner violence.

The objective of the project is as follows:
– To share stories that interrogate our society’s culture which enable intimate partner violence to thrive (to explore various themes and forms of intimate partner violence).
– To empower women to learn through the stories of other women – some who survived to tell the story of intimate partner violence and others who couldn’t live to tell their own story.
– To provide victims of intimate partner violence a voice and an opportunity for them to heal through telling their story.

The stories will be compiled into a book to be published by LipstickandScars Publishing in partnership with Inspire Innovation Business Consultants.

Terms & Conditions:
12 stories will be selected from submitted stories (4 in each category).
Stories will be edited by Lipstickandscars Publishing
All costs towards the production of the book will be borne by the publisher
The reimbursement terms will be discussed with the final participants and a contract signed with each one accordingly.
A percentage of the proceeds made from the project will be used to support gender-based violence initiatives.

Please note that this opportunity is open only for Basotho nationals and residents.

Contact details:
[email protected]