Call for Proposals: Strengthening National-Regional Linkages (SNRL) in SADC Programme


Project Description

The SNRL II Programme seeks to address key challenges that hinder success of regional integration in SADC by focusing on improving the linkages between SADC and its Member States through the provision of capacity building programmes for national structures that are responsible for coordination of regional integration initiatives and support and alignment between regional protocols and policies in the Member States. The programme also enhances coordination, planning implementation, monitoring and evaluation of SADC policies, protocols, and legal instruments. Furthermore, SNRL II will venture to build awareness of the benefits of regional integration among key stakeholders.

Are you eligible?

Applicants must be experts and managers of state institutions from SADC Member States or regional coordinating entities who assume the responsibility of coordinating and carrying out the implementation of the regional integration agenda, namely MS Stakeholders such as NCPs, SNCs, NPEs, National Coordinating Entities and any other government ministry, department, or agency.

How to Apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria, complete the attached templates for narrative and budget proposals. Applications can be completed by emailing the completed templates to [email protected]

Disclaimer: The submission of an application does not guarantee that support will automatically be forthcoming from SNRL. Successful applications will be the product of a competitive selection process.

Apply here!

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