Call for papers: Digital Skills Insights 2021


About the publication  

The ITU online publication “Digital Skills Insights”, which is released annually, puts together scholarly  articles with a focus on capacity building and skills development in the digital era. It covers a wide range of  topics related to the ongoing discussions on how digital technologies are transforming job markets, deter mining new skills sets requirements and driving the digital economy requirements for re-skilling. 


The publication targets specialists in the field of digital technologies, including researchers,  innovators, academics, students, engineers, IT specialists, policymakers and regulators, as well as  those responsible for human resource development in public and private organizations. 

Submission of papers 

 Interested authors are invited to submit abstracts for consideration. The abstract should be between  200-400 words. All abstracts will be reviewed by an editorial committee who will select those to be  developed into articles for the publication. Proposals will be evaluated according to content, originality, clarity and relevance to the publication’s theme. The issues that should be addressed in this  context include:  

 • The characteristics of the future digital skills ecosystem 

 • Skill sets required due to the digital transformation 

 • The importance of digital skills in the (post) COVID-19 world 

 • Changes in capacity development approaches to better prepare 21st century graduates Abstracts should be submitted to [email protected] by 31 January 2021

Those authors whose abstracts are selected may be offered a paid contract from ITU for the writing of the  article.  

The full article should be between 3,000-5,000 words, including references. All articles will be reviewed by  the editorial committee and recommendations will be made, if needed, to ensure alignment of the article  to the abstract and compliance with the ITU writing style guide, format and language.  For more information, please visit: