Call for IFFR Young Film Critics trainee programme 2021


For the 22nd time, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) welcomes young critics from all over the world to apply for the IFFR Young Film Critics traineeship. The next Young Film Critic program will take place during IFFR 50th edition (January 27 – February 7, 2021) and will be fully and exclusively online. Until the 28th of October critics under the age of 30 can apply for this program in which IFFR supports a new generation of young and upcoming critics. We’re looking for journalistic talent in its broadest sense; from writers, to video essayists, to radio and tv makers, and podcast talents. 

We think one – or more – of the IFFR Young Film Critics of 2021 might be in your audience or network, so it would be much appreciated if you could share this call on your platform to help these candidates find us, and to help us find them.

What the IFFR Young Film Critics trainee program is about?

IFFR recognizes the vital importance of film analysis and criticism. That’s why, in 1998, we launched our Young Film Critics trainee program to support a new generation of young film critics. As a trainee, you will have meetings with experienced film critics from different backgrounds, cover the festival for your own journalistic affiliation, and be part of IFFR’s editorial staff.

In the past editions, IFFR welcomed young critics from all regions of the world. In the last edition, at IFFR 2020, we invited participants from Madagascar, America, Nigeria, Chili, Vietnam, and Romania.

If you’re interested in sharing this call with your online audience and/or through social media, we’re happy to provide you with extra information or images. The full description of the program can be found here