Call For Entries: ‘Haiku’ Writing Competition 2.0


Here, Haiku means a Japanese poem written in English of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

You can pen down an architectural experience of yours in 17 syllables in all!

Less is More! Try it Out!

Themes for the Competition are as follows:

1. Cultural Thing

What is it that you possess and is at your side in these tough times of Global Pandemic Crisis? An unnoticed ‘thing’ being a part of your culture, tradition or life style does exist. The meaning of which has changed all together due to the recent social distancing measures. If ‘things’ can speak, what message shall it convey to you?

2. Time Travel to an architectural era

Dive into the journey of nostalgia to the gothic gargoyles of the city. In the romanticism of coffered domes, spires, buttresses, ornamented windows, arches; in short travel to the timeless architectural styles- making the quieter times louder than before. What is it, which we will wish evermore again?

The competition is open to all. One can send a maximum of 5 entries with a single registration. Entries (Haiku write up along with the Photograph (both separately) of 300dpi and Minimum 1200 x 800 px) need to be mailed to [email protected] till 30th May 2020.