Buti’s Farm Feeds holds Farmers’ Forum


Farmers Forum is an initiative created by Buti’s Farm Feeds in an effort to inspire and empower the next generation of farmers.

Since Buti’s Farm Feeds launched their Facebook page, they have received questions from different young people who were either planning to go into farming or those who were already in it but had little or no understanding of how to run a farm business.

Apart from this, there is another group of farmers who have been in farming for a number of years and yet they are unable to grow their farms from small to big commercial farms.

They have since decided to launch what’s referred to as Farmers Library; an online platform that is geared towards sharing practical information for young and aspiring farmers. This information is shared on all social media platforms and will soon be available on the Buti’s Farm Feeds website.

Farmers forum is an initiative under farmers library and it is meant to bring together young and old farmers to exchange knowledge on the best practices in commercial farming.

The upcoming forum is the first edition of many to come where older farmers who are successful in running commercial farms in Lesotho will take the stage and share with other farmers how they were able to make it.

Buti’s Farm Feeds will also invite different experts to share the latest practices in farming that will help our local farmers to grow.

This year, they have invited an expert from ITAU FEEDS to share with our farmers the best practices of feeding animals for commercial purposes.

They have also invited two local farmers who have been in farming for more than 8 years and have grown their farms from small subsistence farms to big commercial farms which supply local supermarkets with meat and eggs.