Business and Law series for entrepreneurs with Donny Ntsiki, “A briefing”


The life of any business can be precarious, and any wrong turn can be disastrous. This is according to legal practitioner and entrepreneur, Adv. Donny Ntsiki. With this in mind, Ntsiki has come up with an innovative idea to help other upcoming entrepreneurs. 

He offers this insightful idea through an online series legal content delivery platform to local business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs as a solution to the legal problems they face daily. The Business and Law series will commence in the month of February 2019.

Neo Kolane sat down with Thapelo Donny Ntsiki to ask him questions regarding the business and law series for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

“This year we thought of content creation, solving problems of entrepreneurs in relation to legal stuff, legal stuff pertaining to legal actions,” he said.

“An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business usually with considerable initiative and risk or an employer of productive labour or contractor. However, there are many problems in running such enterprises, therefore the series could, in some, way, help the entrepreneurs,” he said.

He added that the series will add value through advice to small business by delivering the content online as well as via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Ntsiki said initially, this will be a six-part series that would take place for six months, starting on the 1st week of February where the topic will be on the basics of running a business and the legal implications thereof.

This includes the documents and the procedures that need to be followed to start a business and this would be broadcast one episode per month and this would be done through informative videos, infographics and podcasts.

In the project, Ntsiki has partnered with four companies, these being Donny’s Fresh & Dried Fruit, H. Nthane Chambers, Legal Point Consultancy and Vodacom Innovation Park.

As the series take place, he said, they will be getting insights from various legal consultants and legal practitioners as well as other stakeholders.

From his knowledge, Ntsiki said that the economy of Lesotho depends solely on the current business environment. He said the small businesses were the backbone of the country’s economy, adding that, development, support, and mentorship could help boost the economy.

“Anyone can start a business but not everyone should because it’s absurd. We need players who have business at heart to run successful businesses while others remain consumers of products and/or services offered,” he said.

As an entrepreneur, Donny said that capital is not only cash but rather right people in right places. Lastly, he had some advice for start-ups and existing businesses: “Create a network around your brand, experience and track record and you’ll never fail.”