Building tenacity to embrace the future


When I first drafted this blog post I was in Ghana for an investment conference and the title of this blog post is the theme of that Investment Conference.

One of the most amazing realities and fact is that there isn’t a continent where there’s more dialogues, conferences, fora than Africa at the moment. There’s just so many events and activities going on every single week.

This may range from entrepreneurship seminars, to job summits. And all of that is for a simple cause – to push for a positive change. Specifically to push for transformation and influence policy while leaving an impact.

Through all this rush in dialogues and conferences, there’s still a little being done. But as with change itself, it might not be instant. We do then have to build a sustainable momentum as we try and influence change in our environment.

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We haven’t been keeping up with change

We haven’t been keeping up with change as we should. There’s been so many changes happening in our world. Either in the technology sector, the industrial revolution, the educational sector and in my different spheres.

There’s just too much that we haven’t been keeping up with as we are supposed to. Not really supposed to, but there’s good changes that we should have been quick to follow. We now have to expedite and work faster to achieve and meet the demands of this changing world.

Appreciate personal finance management

Personal Finance management is one of the big issues that are facing the African continent. There’s so much that we have to learn about personal finance management. advises that individuals have to take the initiative to self-educate and grow their financial knowledge, by beginning with the basics of money management and maturing into a smart spender.

Putting time into your financial development improves saving and investing decisions. Not only will the investor public need education, but investment operators as well.

Close regulatory loop holes

Some of the big hurdles we’re facing come from the regulatory bodies in place. Either they are not effective in regulation or cause major delays in their regulatory processes. This then means it will take even more time to bring in new innovations and get new systems in place.

At the same time, new concerns arise and regulatory bodies are not ready to deal with them. Eliminating the loopholes will help our small economies to survive and implement faster.