Building Credibility – Your Key To Business Success

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

Credibility is one of the most critical factors that will affect your online business success. Put simply, and without delving too deeply into lofty interpretations, credibility is essentially this: if you wouldn’t lie about it, then you probably shouldn’t be saying it. It’s simple really, but there’s much more to building credibility in business than simply being truthful.

Why do people buy brand name goods and services on the Internet and offline? One of the key reasons is that the brand represents a level of quality that they know and trust.

There are a lot of different ways to build credibility in the business world. And here we’ve gone over four. Some you may use, and some you may not.

Be Consistent

A key factor is being consistent. People are more likely to trust a business or person who acts in a similar manner most of the time. For example, if your publish a newsletter to your customers or potential clients, aim for similar quality in each issue. Also, be consistent in your style of writing. Publish on a regular basis.

Consistency applies to every aspect of your business. Don’t change your guarantee terms every couple of weeks. Ensure that all your products or services consistently meet the quality and value standards that your are promoting.

Credibility is something that is earned. Therefore, you need to give of yourself to get trust back in return. There are many ways to do this.

Create and Share Content

Sharing your knowledge is a useful way to build your credibility. This can be done through participating in discussions over social media or blogging. Answer questions that they pose. Be a regular contributor so that people come to know and respect your knowledge.

Making outlandish claims in advertisements or on your website can harm your credibility. Telling the truth is always the best way. Ensure that your products or services provide more value than promised. Take the time to walk in your customers’ shoes before writing your ad copy or your website promotional material. This will enable you to clearly state benefits that your potential customers are looking for in a way that they will find believable.

Share Customer Testimonials

Testimonials can be a powerful way to generate trust in your product or service. A testimonial is a statement from a happy customer saying how your product or service helped them. Set up systems to gain unsolicited testimonials whenever you can. When you gather testimonials to publish on your site, ensure that you have permission to publish them. Also, never make up testimonials to boost your credibility as more often than not you will be caught out and be discredited.

Don’t just state what your qualifications are on your website or in your promotional material. Instead, state how your qualifications can benefit your potential customers. For example, state how your expertise will provide the solution your prospect needs in a way he or she will understand.

Follow sound business practices

This includes ensuring that your business address and phone numbers are clearly shown on your web site. Also, ensure that you are contactable via phone and email and respond promptly to each contact. Have you had phone messages or email that were never responded to? How did that influence your perception of the business?

Prompt delivery of what has been ordered also helps build the right impression of your business. So too does quickly responding to claims on your guarantee. Efficient business procedures that are focused on providing customer satisfaction will always help your business image and credibility.

Final Thoughts

Strong credibility takes a long time and much effort to build. It can be destroyed quickly and sometimes can never be regained. Have you noticed that once a person or a business gains a bad reputation it can be extremely hard to change? For your business to achieve it’s full potential, it is important that you set standards and live by them so that you are constantly building your credibility.

In a world where people expect information to be free, authenticity is sometimes seen as the most valuable currency. If you’re looking to build credibility in business and gain an edge over your competitors, there are many ways to do that. Above we’ve outlined some of those ways, but ultimately the method that works for you will depend on how you approach the task.