Boosting Sports to Boost Self-Esteem

Photo by Vu Huy Hoang Chu on Unsplash

One of the largest factors that several youth deal with today is in relation to their self-esteem. Several suffer by looking at themselves as not good enough. This may range from seeing their body image in the wrong light to seeing their mental states as not quite right.

Unfortunately, for some things never get to work out. They remain withdrawn through to their adult life.

There are ways to help youth with their self-esteem. By suggesting and supporting things like sports, you will be certain to decrease their chances at unhealthy activities from a low self-esteem.

It is known that when children enter into school, they will generally have a high self-esteem. More than eighty percent of children in the first grade will start out by thinking highly of themselves and believing that they can do anything.

By the time these same children reach the fifth grade, the attitude towards themselves and the self-esteem has dropped to about twenty percent. By the time children graduate from high school, the amount that has a high self esteem is at a low of five percent.

People often have self-degrading concepts about themselves because they think that’s how others view them. They think others see them as unattractive or even stupid. That’s why they will believe they are good-for-nothing. But actually engaging with their peers in sports will reverse such thoughts.

Along with the low self-esteem come things such as drug use, early sex, and failure with steps towards a career. At the same time, it is also being found that those who play sports are less likely to take part in these activities.

Instead, those who play sports are more likely to develop a higher self-esteem and participate in positive activities. Because the children and youth are being challenged to succeed, and encouraged to continue through the use of a team and the sport, they are able to develop a better insight towards their own self-image.

So if you’re a parent having an unhealthily shy youngster, the one way to go is to suggest that they be involved in sports. Initially this can be hard for them, but given enough time, your child will soon realize that people out there value their contribution and presence; the two things that will significantly boost how they view themselves.

Many people have been helped by being involved with sports, such that today those former introverts have become quite comfortable with being with crowds. This is because, in part, sports require teamwork and communication between members and fans.

Of course, there is great deal of problem-solving that goes into the sports, but getting to interact with others helps break the curse of low self-image.

The idea of self-esteem in sports has become such a major component sports, that several areas are now committed to giving more youth activities outside of school specifically to battle low self-esteem and offer alternatives for success.

If you notice any type of anxiety, depression, or negative reaction from your child, their self-esteem may need some help. If you want to make sure that they graduate from high school feeling good about their accomplishments, then you can enroll them in a physical activity to help out. By doing this, you will be able to give them another option away from the negative outlook that they may have.


Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.