Assistant Manager – Student and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD)

  1. Usage of GLPI:
    1. Enforce the usage of GLPI across the team for accepting any requests.
    2. Login to GLPI on a daily basis to pick up or assign suitable incidents/ tickets to team. Provide advice and guidance to team regarding how to deal with incidents/tickets.
    3. Continuously monitor and resolve assigned tickets within the relevant SLAs. Escalate any challenges to supervisor immediately.
    4. Ensure that GLPI tickets are always updated with the current status.
  1. Quality Management:
    1. Familiarize oneself with the QMS of the SAAD department including policies, guidelines, process maps, forms, KPAs and KPIs. To ensure that all work is done as per the process maps and in line with achieving departmental KPI targets.
    2. Ensure that the IQAD portal reflects the correct information at all times. Create/Update process maps, guidelines, policies and forms to ensure that they assist with the current needs of the department and achieve operational efficiency.
    3. To monitor team members adherence to the QMS at all times and take relevant action where there are differences.
    4. Compile the data required for calculating departmental KPI’s, analyse to see where targets are not met and present findings and recommendations to supervisors during KPI meetings.
  1. Stock Management:
    1. Responsible for the safety and security of all assets used for performing departmental duties including all sports related equipment etc.
    2. Plan and conduct for regular assets stock take and compilation of suitable reports in coordination with supervisor.
    3. Ensure that whichever system is used to maintain SAAD asset stock is updated and accurate at all times.
    4. Strictly, ensure that any new SAAD assets procured must always be entered into the system and issued out to the relevant department/users using the system.
    5. Be available and fully prepared for surprise or planned audits of the department and provide all information as requested.
    6. Assist supervisor with getting quotes from suppliers for procurement of new assets. Quotes must be obtained in a timely and fair manner and require minimal follow up.
  1. Student Governance:
    1. Plan, implement and closely monitor all SRC operations. Make timely interventions to prevent any challenges including escalating matter to the supervisor.
    2. Assist SRC with planning and Finalising the SRC calendar of events. Ensure supervisors are shared with the same.
    3. Prepare the budget for the SRC based on their calendar of events and share the same with supervisor for inclusion in the SAAD budget.
    4. Enforce implementation all activities as per their calendar of events.
    5. Monitor expenses of SRC as per their budget and provide detail to supervisors. Escalate any challenges to supervisor immediately.
    6. Plan and fix quarterly SRC-Management meetings using Google Calendar.
    7. Finalise the agenda for all SRC meetings and circulate them in advance to all members expected to be present for the meeting.
    8. Be the official representative to take minutes of meetings at all SRC meetings especially those with management. To send the minutes of meeting (by email) in the IQAD prescribed format within two days of the meeting to all present and ensure it is signed of in the next meeting.
    9. Co-ordinate activities with the relevant members of the SRC for various activities of the institution.
    10. Enforce participation, ownership and accountability from the SRC on all matters.
  1. Management of all Sporting activities:
    1. Plan, implement and co-ordinate all sporting activities for the institution.
    2. Develop strategic partnerships with key stakeholders for to raise the profile of the institution amongst sporting community at local and national level.
    3. Work on resuscitating the Sports Committee for the institution including membership, terms of reference and operations.
    4. Properly budget for the welfare of all sporting clubs in advance to ensure they are reasonably represented in the SAAD budget by supervisor.
    5. Plan a meeting every semester for supervisor to meet all sporting clubs and their members.
    6. Monitor expenses on sporting activities as per approved SAAD budget and ensure there are no cases of exceeding the same.
    7. Send out information about the performance of the sporting clubs to all supervisors and ensure publicity about successes.
  1. Conduct Health and Wellness Programmes
    1. Assist supervisor with the planning of all health and wellness programmes at the institution such as but not limited to:
      1. annual AIDS day commemorations
      2. Health and Wellness day(s)
      3. Month of Youth Against AIDS commemorations
      4. Organize Annual First aid Training (with Medical Rescue)
    2. Assist with getting approvals for budgets for all health and wellness related activities in a timely manner from the supervisor.
    3. Responsible to assist supervisor in the execution of all activities related to conducting health and wellness programmes.
    4. Ensure that the supervisor has catered for these activities in the SAAD budgets.
    5. Maintain accurate records of attendance for each of these activities and share with the supervisor immediately after the event.
  2. Management of all non-sporting activities:
    1. Plan, implement and co-ordinate all non-sporting activities for the institution with the guidance of the supervisor.
    2. Work on resuscitating the non-sporting clubs under the guidance of the supervisor.
    3. Properly budget for the welfare of all non-sporting clubs in advance to ensure they are reasonably represented in the SAAD budget by supervisor.
    4. Plan a meeting every semester for supervisor to meet all sporting clubs and their members. Maintain clear Minutes of Meeting as per the IQAD format and share with the supervisor within two days of the meeting.
    5. Monitor expenses on activities as per approved SAAD budget and ensure there are no cases of exceeding the same. To inform supervisor immediately if there are any challenges.
    6. Maintain detailed records of the performance of each non-sporting club including the details of their members, objectives to be achieved, budgets allocated and expenses, activities conducted and overall performance of the club.
    7. To recommend the names of clubs with evidence to the supervisor to ensure they are budgeted for in the next budgets.
    8. Work under the guidance of the supervisor to come up with creative ways to publicise and ensure maximum participation and awareness about non-sporting clubs within the student community at the institution
  1. Coordinate community engagement (CE) activities
  1. Ensure that community engagement is done in line with institutional objectives and within the budgets allocated however ensuring maximum impact. To be able to provide reports with relevant measures to showcase the impact of the institutions community engagement.
  2. Drive institution repository for all community engagement projects
  3. Be the point of contact to receive all community engagement requests. To submit a monthly report of all requests received to the supervisor and receive guidance on which ones to proceed upon.
  4. Create and Maintain long term partnerships with stakeholders which can be utilised in the interest of Community engagement initiatives. This may be through various means of communication such as meetings, emails, telephone and events.
  5. Ensure there is continuous follow up of all community engagement activities to ensure they achieve expected outcomes. Where there are challenges to seek guidance from supervisor to either seek closure of the activity or seek intervention to overcome any delays.
  6. Submits detailed and accurate reports of all CE activities including timelines, objectives achieved vs targets, budgets spent against actuals.
  1. Counselling Services:
    1. Manage case management programme for counselling.
    2. Provide academic counselling to referred students.
    3. Provide psycho-social counselling to both referred and walk-in students as may be needed.
    4. Ensure strict compliance with counselling code of conduct and ethics.
    5. Maintain proper case management procedure and standards for counselling
    6. Maintain detailed and accurate records and all relevant documentation for all work handled.
    7. Analyse trends over the past years and provide feedback to supervisor on ways to improve the quality of student counselling at the institution.
    8. Increase awareness amongst the student community across campuses about the Counselling unit of SAAD and ensure increase in student usage backed up by evidence.
  1. Grievance Handling:
    1. Manage student grievance database in a manner that can provide accurate reports in a manner that can be used to analyse departmental performance and identify gaps.
    2. Registering grievance cases lodged by students as per formal procedure and QMS.
    3. Investigate and mediate grievances as per all formal procedures and in line with QMS.
    4. Settle and close all mediated grievances within reasonable timelines. To follow up cases which are long pending to ensure closure and where there are challenges to escalate to supervisor in a timely manner.
    5. Assist the student with the appeals process as per the Student Handbook.
    6. Amend policies as and when necessary (with the guidance and permission of supervisor) to ensure improvement in quality of service and based on student feedback.
    7. Increase awareness amongst the student community across campuses about the Grievance handling services provided by SAAD and ensure increase in student usage backed up by evidence.
  1. Implementation of the First Year Experience (FYE) programme:
    1. Compile and present to supervisors the need for these programme. Also a detailed and comprehensive workplan for this program by the month of May every year (before the beginning of the new intake every year). The workplan must also include the previous year’s targets and the actuals achieved and the new revised targets to be achieved and all these must be clearly measurable.
    2. Plan and implement low cost but high impact publicity and awareness for the First Year Experience amongst the student community. To present clear reports as evidence of the impact of these plans.
    3. Formally register all students who participate in this program if possible on CampusNexus using the assistance of ERP department and MIS (if needed).To be able to pull up a report as and when required and also be able to mark their attendance on CampusNexus.
    4. Continuously engage students using various forms of communication such as emails, workshops, newsletters and social media and keep seeking creative ways to increase engagement in the programme.
    5. Work with Faculties to find out cross-linkages with existing curriculum and where improvements can be made. This is to be done through formal meetings every semester with clear MoM maintained and shared with supervisors and all present in the meetings. To ensure follow up and execution of decisions and plan made during such meetings within reasonable timelines.
    6. Plan and conduct at least two workshops per semester.
  1. Internship coordination:
    1. Responsible for planning and effective implementation of all SAAD related activities for the BGP Internship at the institution
    2. Plan and conduct orientation workshops for BGP interns in co-ordination with Internship Module leaders from the various Faculties.
    3. Create and Issue out internship request letters to BGP interns in a planned and timely manner and maintain accurate records on CampusNexus
    4. Monitor progress of interns in finding suitable internships. Make timely interventions with the support of Faculty to ensure 100% internship placement.
    5. Strictly enforce adherence to the process maps and guidelines of the BGP internship from all stakeholders. Escalate to supervisor if any challenges.
    6. Ensure the accuracy and relevance of all relevant documentation such as handbooks, log

books etc related to the BGP internship at all times.

  1. Co-ordinate with Faculty to receive accurate numbers of BGP internship related documents to be printed and distributed and provide the same to Marketing department. Follow up with Marketing to ensure stock is received on time.
  2. Co-ordinate with Faculty to distribute all BGP related documentation to the BGP Interns and maintain clear records.
  3. Conduct formal BGP internship feedback session with all relevant internal stakeholders to address any gaps in the process that can be closed for the next internship cycle.
  1. Present approvals to supervisors on all matters requesting release of funds well in advance and to avoid last minute approvals.
  2. Ensuring that the department maintains a high level of responsiveness, communication, expertise, and professionalism. To take suitable action against non-performers within the team and escalate where there are serious challenges.
  3. Create, maintain, and distribute appropriate reports of progress to supervisors.
  4. Assist supervisor in preparing departmental budget with required information.
  5. In the absence of the supervisor, be fully informed and prepared to handle all the technical department’s duties.
  6. Any other work assigned from time to time.

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