ArchiShell Creative Design Studio: Lesotho’s Future in Design


In the words of painter Picasso, “Design will not save the world but it will surely make it look good.” 25 year-old ‘Maseitlheko Morunyane is the founder of Lesotho’s ArchiShell Creative Design Studio. She started this company in order to improve Lesotho’s infrastructure through her magnificent designs.

The company offers clients incredible services that include creation of house plans, logos, business cards, flyers, ticket designs and posters. ‘Maseitlheko’s biggest dream is to see Lesotho thrive in design because other countries thrive from graphic designing, infrastructural designs etc.

With the skills she has acquired in her journey, ‘Maseitlheko is keen on growing her business so that it creates job opportunities for people who are passionate about design.

In the world of design, color is everything. The ArchiShell Creative Studio is renowned for incredible color combinations in all their designs. Whether you are looking for a minimalistic design for your household or a design with intricate and extravagant details, ArchiShell is the place to go.

The studio is located in Ha Thamae in Maseru district and thrives at making customers happy because of the unique designs and perfect customer service.



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