Applying for Jobs via Email

Article by Relebohile Sera

Designed by Freepik

It is quite often that job-seekers email us their CVs with the hope that applications are supposed to be delivered to us or we should forward them to relevant authorities.

While many employers now accept applications via email, it is important to understand that this will happen and there will be less and lesser cases of companies taking applications on hand-deliveries. Hence we decided to advise on email job applications.

The email message matters as it also forms part of the application. It’s important that all your communications are professional as they would be if you were mailing your cover letter and CV; as with that envelope which contains application documents ought to be clean, the same goes for the email.


The Email Subject

There are various cases regarding the email subject. If the employer has highlighted what the subject of the email ought to be, go ahead and use the subject as indicated. Do not add anything, in fact, a copy and paste works better in such cases. Follow the directives given. If there’s no subject given, provide the job position you’re applying to, the reference number and maybe add the location if the company has branches. Keep the subject very simple. A sample subject could go, ‘Job Application For XYZ.’


The Email Body

The body of the email does not necessarily have to come off as a cover letter. In fact, the email should not be a substitute for the cover letter. The main pointers to keep on the body is to provide a list of all the attached documents. That is imperative. Sample – ‘My cover letter, resume, copies of educational certificates and two reference letters are attached to this email.’ Then go ahead and let the employer know that you’re looking forward to hearing from them.


The Conclusion

You conclusion need be nothing but ‘Yours Sincerely or Kind Regards,’ followed by your full name. No need to style or make italics. There’s also no need for a digital signature. Keep it simple. Then add your contact numbers beneath your name. You want to keep your contact numbers where they will be easy to locate especially if the employer wants to call for the interview.


The last thing you want from your job application is never getting to hear back from the employer. So forget about clutter and keep the email professional and straight to the point.