Afriski 2020 winter season employment – Various Positions


The 2019 Afriski winter season hosted some great local skiing & riding. Cold weather & awesome snowmaking, blessed us with great riding opportunities! The upcoming season will be here sooner than we think with exciting, growing plans from each season to the next.

For those who haven’t yet experienced our awesome-ness – working at Afriski is loads of fun. We are a small resort that offers two dynamics…freedom and skiing/riding…We have a great spirit on the mountain exactly because what we are doing is so crazy. On behalf of the Afriski Mountain Resort, we would like to take this time to put “working in Africa” into perspective. Africa is tough out there, especially in the hospitality industry. Our staff must realise how fortunate they are to be a part of the Afriski Team. If you are able to accept long hours of work, cramped living conditions and staff meals catered to our secluded location but are happy to have a great life experience that will cost you 3 months of your life, then Afriski is a good place to be.

Most residents living outside South Africa require a Visa, this application normally comes from the country of home residence. Afriski is in Lesotho, however entrance is via South Africa, so it is advised to check with your nearest embassy if a visa is required for both South Africa and Lesotho. Each country has different requirements for visas and each respective application is dealt with per case. Please contact us for more information.
See for more visa info and requirements, or contact us for further questions.

Afriski is situated at 3000m above sea level on the top of the Drakensburg Mountains. This means that we are in an extremely isolated location with only the resort amenities at hand. The closest town is 1.5 hours away, however keeping in mind, it’s an African town. All staff will more than likely be at the resort for the full season with little opportunity to get off the mountain or travel locally. The resort is dependent on artificial snowmaking, although natural snowfalls do sometimes bring us the beauty of powder skiing. In certain seasons natural snow may not fall at all, whereas, other seasons we are blessed with ample riding opportunities.

Staff quarters consist of bunk beds / dormitory style rooms with 4 – 6 people per room. Accommodation, food, electricity, water, etc. are all provided, with laundry at own expense. Staff are provided with 3 meals per day in the staff restaurant. With many diverse cultures, meals are catered canteen style and our menu is adjusted subject to available ingredients. It is your responsibility to maintain your appearance, room cleanliness and personal hygiene. Lack of appropriate cleanliness will not be tolerated.

All staff are required to work 6 days a week, with 1 day off on a week day, working 54 hours per week. Depending on the department, staff may be required to fulfill their duties, as well as any other tasks under the consent of your department manager. Early season arrivals includes season preparation tasks, such as any readiness or labour intensive requirements.

You can also purchase your own local Vodacom Lesotho SIM card for airtime credits or data respectively.

Please see for more information.

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