Administrative Professionals – Keeping A Competitive Edge

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

In today’s fast paced business world, administrative professionals need to be ahead of the game in order to succeed. And what better way is there to keep a competitive edge than learning some new and interesting facts?

Administrative professionals are among the most highly skilled and competent people in today’s workforce. As administrative professionals in an ever-changing economy and increasingly competitive job market, it is important to stay fresh and relevant. This can be challenging as your responsibilities become more prolific.

Ed Meisenheimer, vice president and general manager of Kelly Services, experts in office staffing, suggests, “To increase marketability, become an authority in Web content, multimedia presentations, online meetings, and video conferencing. Specializing in the accounting, insurance, legal, or medical field is another way to widen employment opportunities.”

Having employed millions of administrative professionals during its 60-year history, his company offers these additional career tips to keep a competitive edge:

• Enhance computer skills and be proficient in all the software applications your organization uses. Volunteer to teach others.

• Further develop time management, organizational, and prioritization skills to manage multiple projects and priorities.

• Sharpen written and verbal communication skills.

• Expand leadership, negotiation and strategic thinking skills. Join associations that provide educational seminars and offer networking opportunities.

• Volunteer to participate on teams to increase exposure among executives.

• Create a portfolio of your skills to give yourself a competitive edge when marketing your accomplishments.

• Subscribe to various periodicals to stay informed about your industry.

• Dress appropriately for your office environment. Whether the dress code is business or business casual, dress to convey a professional image.

• Keep a positive attitude. With constant change in organizations today, this is an important quality that will be recognized by your boss and your peers.

Final Thoughts

It’s a jungle out there for administrative professionals. If you’re not keeping up with the latest niches and trends, you could be getting left in the dust of your peers.

However, following current trends and being ahead of the curve aren’t the only things you should focus on; you should also work to develop yourself as an administrative professional in areas that could boost your ability to offer various services than your competition. Just because your executive assistant service does everything now doesn’t mean that it won’t need more down the line.

Whether you are looking for your first job, a better job or just want to manage the direction of your career, explore educational opportunities, and/or pursue entrepreneurship, offers the resources you need to make it happen.