Administration Support Typist – Remote

Administration Support Typist – Remote

Global Green United 3801 Inc is a forward-thinking, eco-conscious recycling facility that handles various forms of recyclable metals, paper, plastics and tires. Based in Fort Worth TX (CST), we are seeking an individual who can work independently from home to support our management team. You will be on call during business hours to receive calls from individual managers and supervisors who will wish to dictate business ideas, ask questions of other team members and provide reports on their activities to upper management.

The conversation topics will vary widely, so you should be able pick up quickly on new information and technical jargon, including discussions about machinery, the recycling industry, policies and procedures questions and customer queries, just to name a few. In addition, you may be asked to conduct internet searches and research to help a team member get up to speed on a particular topic.

Ideally you will have at least 10 years of diversified business experience in administrative support. You should have exceptional listening and typing skills with the ability to type 55 wpm or more with a high degree of accuracy. It is important that you be accurate in your rendering of your conversations with the management team. You must be able to return a proof-read, grammatically correct document to the team member promptly following the discussion.

Among the requirements are that you:

  • Should have excellent word processing skills and be able to produce highly formatted documents in Microsoft Word. Ideally you will have used and be familiar with Flow Chart/Diagramming software
  • Should have stable internet connectivity at your home office and your own headset with microphone for voice communications
  • Be comfortable using a Vonage softphone
  • Use Google Chrome as your primary web browser
  • Have a personal Gmail account. We will provide Office 365 web access for Word, Outlook and Visio
  • Are adept with a high degree of email communications using either Gmail or Outlook and be comfortable with accepting and creating email attachments
  • Should have at least 3 years of remote working experience
  • Be able to work 40 hours per week.
  • Will be required to sign Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreements.

Ideally, you will reside within the Central Standard Time zone. Other areas of the United States will work providing you can accommodate time zone differences.

Salary is flexible but likely will be in the $15 to $20 per hour range.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour


  • Remote Suppport: 2 years (Preferred)




Work authorization:

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Ergonomic Workspace:


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