A track-by-track breakdown of Thoso’s new album ‘Tlali Mothoana No.1’

Thoso Thoso

Could this album actually be the local album of the year? A lot of people have been throwing out that statement with a number of tracks charting on both the SkyAlphaHD charts and MusicBox Top 20 chart.

While we’re not reviewing the full album, we’re breaking down the album track-list to find the inspiration behind the music and the meaning of each track.

Before you go on to enjoy, remember you can download the full album FREE right here!

Thoso was kind enough to share about his first studio album mainly focusing on the track-list and what drives him to keep making music.

So here goes:

Track 1. Tlali Mothoana

Tlali Mothoana is a self-motion song. This is where I illustrate my artistic character as a Thunderbolt to depict the passion I have for music and art. It is this character that influenced a stage name ‘Thoso’, hence the  theme and the title track of this project is Tlali Mothoana. The motive behind this composition is to be unstoppable, to flourish and thrive with my artistry; this is narrated by ‘ho ithoka’, the ‘self-praise’ lyrics of the song.

Track 2. Ke Tsamaile.

I was born and raised in Mokhotlong Thialala ‘ha bo Liphamola’. From a very young age I always had a dream of becoming an artist. Considering the background I come from, it has been a tough journey with a lot of challenges to become the Artist I am today. The song ‘Ke tsamaile’ reflects my will and effort to have walked this art process, also it portrays my high hope for the future as this journey unfolds.

Track 3. Kea Ichofa ft Mj Elphy

The drive of the song is the acknowledgement of our potential, being aware of our capacitiy to have formed this unique sound in the whole project; the fusion of trap elements with focho/famo lyrics. It was a very fulfilling moment to have formed this kind of sound with Mj Elphy so the expression in the lyrics of this piece of composition simply illustrates how proud and content we are with this new style of sound.

Track 4. Thoso Ichu!

Thoso Ichu! Is a narrative of both the contextual meaning and the practical meaning of the expression Ichu!. ‘Ichu!’ is a Sesotho expression used when one feels pain. The expression is also commonly used to show the excitement of enjoying something. It is this abstract usage of the expression that inspired the song, by which the lyrical part of the composition portrays aggression yet the rhythmic part intrigues that mood of dance.  

Track 5. Ausi oee!

The idea of this song was inspired by the similarities of a popular ladies dance, Twerking, and our Basotho ladies cultural dance, Litolobonya, which has long been around while twerking on the hand is a recent dance. The song is composed as a dedication to our beautiful Basotho women to keep on doing the dance with pride and that we really admire it, hence the use of words ‘kea u rata ha u thenthetsa ka makhethe’ in the song.

Track 6. Lialuma

A song was inspired by a well-known sesotho ‘Monyanyako’ choral song lialuma. It is the fun lyrics of the song that brought an idea of fusing the EDM sound with Monyanyako and Famo to display the diversity in Music. So this approach of composition shows how creative we can be by using the simple elements of sound around us and how much fun we can have in music composition.

Track 7. Khoba

This is a massage to our Lesotho music artists to keep on the spirit of unity as we work on growing our industry to its strength. ‘Ntja peli hae e hloloe ke sebata’ is the meaning behind the message of this song. We all know it is only when we are united that our shaky industry will thrive. Already there are artists making big initiatives by collaborations which is one good sign that there is movement of positive change to bring us good results, so this song is a shout out to those artists.

Track 8. Likobela Litlangoe ft Ismoke

The song is inspired by Basotho sticks game Mokallo, played by men where they fight using sticks. The shielding stick in this game is called ‘Kobela or Sephethela’ which if not held tied, when playing one could be beaten and obviously lose to an opponent. So this song shows our determination to reach for success, how we are determined to not lose in this music game by holding on to the uniqueness of the sound we are introducing.

Track 9. Hale Bokoe

Towards the completion of this project I was humbled by seeing that what I have been dreaming of for ages has become a reality – being a recording artist. It was through this humble heart that I wrote this song of praise to almighty God for granting me a chance to be what I have always wanted to be and by surrounding me with people who supported this dream.

Track 10. Tiisetsa

At almost every phase of life we face circumstances that test the limits of our patience and endurance, so the moral in this song is to inspire people to hold on to their faith and keep composure during times when they are feeling impatient, which will lead to success in life.

Track 11. Hali Oele.

The concept of this song is based on a feeling on a moment when passion burns deep down in your soul, waking you up in the middle of the night to do what you love. I often find myself working on music in the middle of the night of which it is something I love and enjoy doing, so this song is an encouragement to just do what you love anytime even if it is in the middle of the night. Hali oele! ‘Just do it’.