A Sneak Peek into the Business Breakfast Meeting


After seeing the above poster flying across social media, we approached the responsible parties for a quick clarification. This is what we gathered from briefly grilling Mrs Rethabile Mokabe-Mapena.

Give us a quick highlight of the event.

We wish to start the year on a high note. Taking into consideration the national reforms that the country is embarking on, where the issue of Good Corporate Governance cannot be left as an invariant economic aspect; Business Excellence and Quality Consulting (Pty) Ltd will host industry leaders (Board of Directors and Executive Committee Members) at an introspective High-level Corporate Governance Business Breakfast meeting on the 17th January 2019 @ Avani Maseru from 7:30am to 11:30am.

Can you state a specific purpose?

The meeting aims to address the inability to satisfactorily meet international standards on Corporate Governance and sustaining value by majority of Lesotho’s Public Enterprises, Government agencies, Private Corporation and Non-Profit making organisations. This has contributed immensely to the stagnant growth, development and sustainability of the country’s economy.

How does the meeting and purpose connect?

Through thought provoking discussions, presentations and insights by phenomenal and experienced panel, we intend to have leaders take an introspection and initiate a transition and transformation of key economic sectors.