A smartphone may be the most important asset in 2020 for content creators and entrepreneurs

Originally published by Mogul Monepi Mavic

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

We live in the best era ever in the history of mankind. The opportunities available to us today are countless and one of the enablers of these opportunities is the internet.

Through the internet we are able to reach and communicate with millions of people all over the world. This is such a game changer for entrepreneurs, artists, a public or a general content creator etc.

Billboards, radio, print media and television were the major platforms brands used to get a message across to a target market and even then there was a need for customers or clients to physically travel to access services and products they got exposed to through any of the mediums used.

Today due to advancements in technology all the above mediums of advertising are no longer a necessity at least to a certain degree which depends on target audience/market.

This is where smart phones become such an asset. Content creation is one of the most useful facilities enabled by smartphones, be it videos, photography, podcasts or written content.

The fact that you can carry your smartphone with you wherever you are is a major advantage because you can create content while partying, can create content in the comfort of your bed, while travelling etc. It therefore becomes necessary to be attentive to the specifications of your phone in order to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for the content you work with.

As I type this I am in the comfort of my bed and I can easily run a business from here 24/7 depending on the service or products I offer. The internet and the technology embedded in our phones have greatly reduced the cost of doing business by eliminating so many unnecessary costs that were a must just a few years ago.

Beyond making costs of entry cheaper and affordable to most content producers, it has also made marketing products much easier and cheaper. There is absolutely no reason why people with a product or service are not in our faces all the time through generic traffic on tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Even paid traffic is significantly cheaper compared to traditional offline marketing yet it’s able to reach a bigger audience with the ability to interact and take advantage of impulse consumption in a way offline marketing may not.

We are privileged to be able to expose our brands and even provide educational literature to our clients/customers in the manner that we are today. Video allows brands to be exposed to clients in a very unique way, podcasts enable content to be consumed while traveling or performing other tasks, pictures and written word can be enjoyed when we are taking a break from our daily chores and everything.

As an organisation or individuals promoting or raising awareness, you need to be reaching your target market through all forms of communication available today and the ability of smartphones to create this content has rendered owning one a must not an option anymore. Smartphones have become a tool for content creation and we need to see them as that instead of fashion/lifestyle statements.