A’ Design Awards & Competition 23/24 – Call For Submissions


The A’ Design Award and Competition serve as an exceptional platform for designers, innovators, and companies aiming to garner attention from media, publishers, and potential buyers. This prestigious award was established to distinguish outstanding designs and well-crafted products in a world where millions of new offerings flood the market each year. Winning designs gain substantial international exposure through the A’ Design Award Gala-Night and Exhibition in Italy and extensive coverage in relevant global media outlets. The competition’s primary mission is to provide an equitable and competitive platform for professionals and innovators across diverse design fields, offering them a global stage to showcase their talents and successes. What sets the A’Design Award apart is its collaborative, innovative, ethical, and philanthropic approach, providing winners with comprehensive marketing services and press exposure at no additional cost.

The A’ Design Award and Competition are committed to promoting and celebrating outstanding design, designers, and design-focused companies, while capturing the attention of press, interactive media, design critics, distributors, and buyers. It stands out among other design competitions due to its collaborative, innovative, fair, and philanthropic nature. Winners receive a wide array of marketing services, press appearances, and exhibition opportunities, all designed to advance their careers without incurring extra expenses. A’Design Award’s unique properties make it a distinctive and highly valuable recognition in the design realm, offering a global platform for creative professionals to shine and connect within the industry.

The primary aim of the A’ Design Award is to create publicity, PR push and advertisement opportunities for award winners while supporting the global design culture, creating incentives for entrants to come up with superior designs for a better future.

Good Industrial Design Award
Good Architecture Design Award
Good Product Design Award
Good Communication Design Award
Good Service Design Award
Good Fashion Design Award
Further categories available

The A’ Design Award and Competition offers a distinctive platform for designers to monetize their winning concepts by connecting them with potential sponsor companies. Conversely, companies have the opportunity to bid on competing design ideas and make purchase offers for these innovative designs. Additionally, the platform provides a robust online exhibition system, creating complimentary profile pages for designers, innovators, and companies. This dynamic system operates continuously, ensuring that all participants, whether they win or not, enjoy unrestricted access. It empowers users to craft their biographies or corporate profiles, construct comprehensive online portfolios by adding additional designs, and exhibit new products seamlessly.

The registration and submission process to the A’ Design Award and Competition platform is entirely free, offering access to a wide array of complimentary services and features. Nomination, however, incurs a fee and is only applicable if your design successfully passes the initial scoring phase. Submissions are rigorously evaluated by an esteemed international jury panel comprising scholars, professionals, and esteemed members of the media.

Please note: standard deadline is September 30, 2023 (Late application ends February 28, 2024). Link for Registration: https://graphiccompetitions.com/multiple-disciplines/a-design-awards-competition-23-24-call-for-submissions.

Here are some past winners from previous editions:


Open worldwide to both professionals, companies and students (underage designers can join with the permission of their legal guardians). Entries can be realised projects, past works, or concept stage or bona-fide works.


The A’ Design Award and Competition elevate award-winning products and designs to the global stage through the grand A’ Design Award Gala-Night and Exhibition held in Italy. These exceptional creations receive extensive exposure, reaching an international audience, and garnering attention from relevant press outlets worldwide.

Furthermore, the Design Award Winners’ Kit encompasses a prestigious array of rewards, including the coveted design award trophy, an exclusive spot in the annual best designs yearbook, a distinguished printed certificate encased in a metal frame, an award winners manual for guidance, invitations for two attendees to the prestigious gala-night award ceremony, as well as exclusive participation and dedicated space allocation in the winners’ exhibition. This comprehensive package offers well-deserved recognition to the talented designers and innovators behind these exceptional works.

Moreover, Graphic Competitions is set to showcase a curated selection of the best projects on May 15, 2024, coinciding with the public announcement of the competition results. Stay tuned for a glimpse of outstanding creativity and innovation in the design world.

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