4 Habits of Successful Students

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No one would ever thinks of buying building materials without a definite plan to build a house. Or no one would ever think of starting to build, without ever having sat down and calculated the cost of the building.

Yet many go through their schooling without clear career plans. For them success in career pursuits is a matter of chance. They think clear, definite planning is for the panicking few.

Look at it this way, as an individual student, how many hours a day do you spend simply planning your activities of that particular day? How much energy do you devote to just establishing priorities for the day?

Many students have no idea what all these mean. They never plan. As it were, they plan to fail. Let’s consider a few traits that make up a successful student. By the way, these are in no way quick fix solutions.

1. Studying harder than average

The average student studies when heading for tests. Or better, they study for examinations. Their overall performance is rather average. But successful students, those ranking high in their classes, know better. They know that it takes more than studying before exams to succeed.

It takes more than cramming to really succeed. The “Gram, Pass and Forget” ideology is far removed from their way of thinking. They study hard. Study, yes. For them, success comes through deliberate immersion into the specific course material, over a specific period of time. Of course these includes consultations with teachers or instructors. Something the average student never dares to do.

2. They are deliberate about succeeding

Many of the students wish to succeed. They know they must succeed. After all, it has been said that education is a key to success. Let’s consider the following: how much does it cost to succeed in the game of golf?  Think of the time needed for practices. Think of the sacrifices needed. All of them.

The same intensity with which golfers approach golf, successful students adopt it in their approach to studying. They lose a lot of hangouts that are enjoyed by averages to, in a way, kill time. These individuals invest all it takes in their pursuit of academic success.

3. They set demanding and challenging academic goals

Unlike average students, they always strive for the very best. They are ever learning, experimenting and exploring. These guys go out of their way to know their course. They don’t just wish to get over with school. No, they enjoy learning.

Successful students, pass at school, but are by far more than passing students. They graduate knowing things and fit their learning into real life situations.

4. They are proactive

Average students are reactive. They react to the stimuli- teachers’ demands, while successful students are proactive or self-driven. These individuals go extra mile in their learning.

To them, classes or lectures are revision platforms as opposed to chambers to be abhorred. Their pro-activity means they often know topics before they are dealt with in class. This gives them a competitive advantage over the average majority.

These are some of the traits that belong to a successful few.


Teboho Polanka
Teboho is a Social Worker, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is in pursuit of MSc. in Managerial Psychology. Graduates are able to apply psychological principles and methods to tackle challenges in the work environment and provide effective practical solutions. Acting as industrial-organizational psychologists.