4 Elements That Make a Unique Logo

Guest Post by Emily Blunt

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

You might think as to what makes a logo design unique and distinctive. Well the answer to that is simple. Anything that is going to appear out of the ordinary, will gain more attention and raise more eyebrows. And no coverage is a bad coverage. Even if you end up choosing a logo design that is completely out of the box and something that your viewers might not have thought of before.

However, the main purpose of a logo design is to represent a brand and to embed itself onto the onlooker’s memory. Each time they come across that logo, they are going to automatically remember what that logo meant and the products and services that logo offers. There cannot be enough emphasis on how important it is to think differently when making a logo design. The more unique it is, the higher the chances are of the brand being recognized and gaining prominence in its respective industry.

There are a few fundamental features to a logo design that conclude whether a logo design is unique enough to stand out or not. One must know of them before they create animation logo online . Here are a few factors that contribute to its distinctiveness.

Colors that are being used

It is going to eventually come down to the colors that are being used on the logo. Colors influence perceptions and they make an impact on their viewers at a very intricate level. For that reason, it is important that the right color schemes and gradients get used within logos. Every color represents a different mood and has a different meaning behind it. Know what you are using and the purpose it is going to fulfil.

Using texts

Texts are the second most important feature. However, in recent times use of text within animation logo has decreased. But that does not mean you shouldn’t try something that is not trending. Most of the time, using things that are not commonly in use, makes it easier to stand out due to the lack of competition. And that can be used for your own benefit.

But while you are at it, delve into the realms of typography and how each style and format of texts influence logos differently. Whether you keep them slant on straight or if you choose to opt for capital letters or smaller ones, every element is going to act differently.

Designs around the animation logo

The background is yet another backbone that your representation depends on. After the major elements and those that are at the forefront, the viewers’ attention is going to land on the background.

For that reason, it’s crucial that you prepare something that stands out and matches the whole theme of your animation logo. You wouldn’t want something that is too different or something that just blends with everything and fails to stand out. A balance between the two would be an ideal option.

Additional features

Additional features that you are going to be adding to your animation logo are going to make a massive impact on how your logo design is interpreted by its audience. Additional features may include elements such as characters, shapes and forms. Everything is going to connect and make an entire theme of the logo. For that reason, it all needs to be in a flow.


The factors that have been mentioned above are not only the important features to a unique logo but they contribute to forming views and positive impressions to their viewers. You don’t want your audience to repel away from your design but rather feel connected to it and remember it.

You will be required to research thoroughly and understand the different elements and their impact on viewers. You can even carry out a competitor analysis which is going to help you implement features that stand out from those that you are up against. Ensure that you keep things new and original as that will matter the most