35th Universal Periodic Review: UK statement on Lesotho

From: UK Mission to the United Nations Geneva


The UK delivers statement on Lesotho at the 35th Session of Universal Periodic Review (UPR), sharing recommendations to improve their human rights record.

The UK welcomes Lesotho’s ongoing National Reform process and encourages rapid implementation of the reform recommendations, which could significantly improve many areas of human rights. We welcome recent collaboration between the Government and civil society organisations on the reforms and the process to establish a Human Rights Commission.

However, we remain seriously concerned that torture and police brutality continue to be reported, yet perpetrators are rarely prosecuted. We urge the Government to address the lengthy delays in the judicial system and politicisation of judicial appointments. We also note with concern repeated allegations of corruption that undermine the basic tenets of a just and democratic society.

We recommend that Lesotho:

  1. Fully Implement the Human Trafficking Act 2011, including taking measures to ensure the investigation, prosecution and conviction of human traffickers in fair trials, including officials complicit in trafficking crimes.
  2. Adopt an open, merit-based process when selecting national candidates for UN treaty body elections.
  3. Take urgent action to promote open and transparent Government, ensuring access to information by promulgating a freedom of information law and honouring information requests.