17 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Lesotho

Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

The Ministry of Health has announced that there are now 17 total cases of COVID-19 in Lesotho.

The Ministry of Health detected five additional COVID-19 positive cases. Three Basotho with travel history to South-Africa, one Mosotho without travel history and one South-African who was in and out.

Recoveries remain at two and cumulative cases total seventeen with five new.

The Ministry of Health will continue to carry out contact tracing for all the confirmed cases, conduct active case finding through vigilant screening at all designated points of entry, at the health facilities and in the communities, as well as monitoring of those on home quarantine.

The Ministry also pleads with the public to calm down, be vigilant and maintain safety protocols to minimize the spread of the virus; that is wash hands with soap and running water, observe coughing and sneezing etiquette, follow quarantine measures and adhere to the set terms of the lock-down.

Globally, since 31 December 2019 and as of 23 June 2020, 9 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported, including in excess of 469,587 deaths, and 4.69 million recoveries.